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Question About Prescriptions

Last post 02-06-2008, 11:19 AM by Keith. 2 replies.
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  •  02-04-2008, 9:01 PM 984

    Question About Prescriptions

    Good morning,


    I am considering purchasing HealthFrame and I have a question:


    It appears I am able to store information about my prescriptions. Does the program allow me to set reminders so I get a pop-up alert when it’s time to take the drug? If not, may I suggest that as an added feature?


    Additionally, may I respectfully suggest the ability to synch with a PDA (phone) as well as the iPod? I only use my iPod in certain places and times, but I always have with me my PDA phone.


    Thank you for your time, and congratulations on creating such an important product!


    Best regards,


  •  02-05-2008, 10:23 PM 988 in reply to 984

    Re: Question About Prescriptions

    Hello, Keith:

    Thank you for your interest in HealthFrame and for taking the time to suggest ways in which we can improve HealthFrame.

    The current version of HealthFrame does not support alerts/reminders.  To be clear, you are suggesting that when you enter particular prescriptions that you be able to enter information such as, "remind me to take the medication at 7 am, 3 pm and 11 pm for ten days, starting today".  At the appropriate days and times, HealthFrame would bring up a popup, reminding you to medicate.  This is an interesting suggestion - thank you for sending it to us!

    As for synchronization with PDAs, you should be able to synchronize with any PDA that can be accessed as a 'removable hard drive'.  You can then load Continuity of Care Record (CCR) exports, PDF reports, etc on your PDA:

    Thank you for your kind comments on HealthFrame and please let us know if we can be of further assistance or if you have additional suggestions,
    Support Team
  •  02-06-2008, 11:19 AM 989 in reply to 988

    Re: Question About Prescriptions

    Correct. As an example, I'm currently take a drug. I almost never take drugs (even aspirin), so when I do need to take something prescribed by my doctor, I often forget because it's not something I usually need to remember. So on my PDA phone, I finally just set an alert that goes off one a day at a certain time that says "Time to take 'x.'" So, I think I'd like to keep a record of my drugs, and I'd like a "pill alert." I know that some people have to take a huge number of pills daily, some with or without food, or avoiding dairy for an hour on either side. A reminder, "No dairy for the next hour" followed by "It's time to take 'x' drug. Remember: no dairy for another hour" would be a very useful feature, and probably fairly easy to program, or perhaps tie in to Outlook or other scheduling software?

    As I've progressed in my reseasrch, it seems I like A and C features from one app, B, D, and E from another, and F from a third. :-)

    Again, good luck to you and your company for creating such an important product. We need to be more proactive in our own health care, but we need great tools to help us.



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