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expenses and/or medications for condition

Last post 01-25-2009, 7:34 PM by Records For Living Support. 3 replies.
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  •  01-11-2009, 2:16 AM 1276

    expenses and/or medications for condition

    I'm using the trial version of the software, and I love what I see so far.  I'm puzzled, however, as to how to report the relationship information to "create smarter reports (like all expenses related to my diabetes condition)." as quoted from here: 

    I'm more interested in all medications related to a condition than expenses, but the concept should be the same.  (I'm thrilled to hear you have a data model!)  I tried filtering by Condition on the Medications Summary, but I still got meds listed that were not related to the selected Condition.  In other words, I am interested in knowing what medications I have taken for a particular condition. 

    I'd also like to be able to view test results over time, and include which medication I was taking at the time.  For example, I've tried 3 different cholesterol medications, one at time, and I'd like to see a graph of my cholesterol and liver function test results, with an indication which medication I was taking for the condition on the test date. 

    Thank you,


  •  01-12-2009, 10:04 PM 1280 in reply to 1276

    Re: expenses and/or medications for condition

    Hello, JaneAnn.  Welcome to the HealthFrame User Community Forum!

    HealthFrame has a robust data model that among other things supports the correlation of individual elements in your personal health record (PHR), such as medications and conditions.

    You can find out what medications are related to a particular condition by expanding the Related Information section in the condition record (Home > Health > Conditions > Condition) - see screen shot below.

    We are working on expanding the filtering capabilities of our reports, though there are some limitations with some of the current summary reports.  In particular, the reason you cannot control which medications are displayed by selecting specific conditions in the medication report, is because it does not currently apply 'related information' filtering - in technical (SQL) terms, the report does not yet apply 'WHERE' logic.  The customization menu is shared among the reports, which can be confusing as to the capabilities of the underlying reporting engine - we're sorry for that limitation and will work to improve these capabilities.

    With respect to the ability to track test results, while taking different medications, there is no current mechanism to label/associate graph segments with specific medications/treatments.  You can however overlay different test results using the user-defined graph mechanism.  Please note you can also export test results and import the data into graphing-enabled spreadsheet programs, for enhanced graphing capabilities.

    Thank you for your questions and feedback on HealthFrame!
    Support Team

  •  01-17-2009, 12:45 PM 1283 in reply to 1280

    Re: expenses and/or medications for condition

    Thank you very much for your response, I am extremely happy with the level of support you give to your users. 

    One thing that I think would be helpful, and I know I can export the data to create a graph, but it would be very effective to know just how much my exercise time affects my glucose test results...  Might motivate me to change my behavior more...  And if its easy to produce, it might be used more often.  :P

    Thank you again!

  •  01-25-2009, 7:34 PM 1286 in reply to 1283

    Re: expenses and/or medications for condition

    Attachment: ExerciseVsGlucose.PNG
    Thank you for your follow-up, JaneAnn.  We're very happy to hear that you are pleased with our level of support.  Big Smile [:D]

    We agree that making it easier to create graphs from within HealthFrame makes it more exciting for users to track their health progress.  This is something we will be working to improve in future releases.

    As for knowing "how much my exercise time affects my glucose test results", you can actually do THAT with the current version...  Here's what you can do: track your glucose test results as you normally would (i.e. either by entering a single test measurement or by using the "Blood Glucose Daily Measurements" panel.   Then track as a separate 'test' the amount of time you exercise daily.  Then you can create a user-defined graph that shows your exercise time AND your blood glucose measurements in the same graph.

    We hope you find this useful and thank you again for your feedback,
    Support Team

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