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Importing Issues

Last post 06-09-2008, 12:58 PM by Records For Living Support. 1 replies.
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  •  06-08-2008, 10:07 AM 1149

    Importing Issues

    I have two databases, one for my medical only, and then a second for my other activities, appointments, volunteer work, etc.  I exported the medical database visits for the month of June and July, 2008, only. I then imported these medical visits into a newly created (third) database.

    I exported my "other activities" database for ALL dates, and then imported those visits into the third database.

    What happens is no matter what dates I chose to export from the "other activities" database, only the months of June and July, 2008, visits are imported and merged into the third database. . .that's if I import the medical database first for the months of June, and July, 2008, only.

    If I reverse the import by importing "other activities" first into a third database, and then import the June and July, 2008, only visits from the medical database, for some reason I get some visits dating back to 2006, and 2007.

    In other words, I am not getting a third database that has the July/August, 2008, medical visits, and all the "other activities" visits for the entire 2008.

    Ultimately, what I am trying to do is build a calendar so I can schedule my voluteer duties around my doctor visits, and I do not want all the information in both databases combined into one database. I am just interested in the dates, times, and who/what, if you follow what I mean.

    Am I doing something wrong? Yes, I am guilty of attempting to use HealthFrame for more than what it is intended. . .but why have two different programs to do what I believe the one Healthframe can do right? Hmm [^o)]   Idea [I]

  •  06-09-2008, 12:58 PM 1153 in reply to 1149

    Re: Importing Issues

    Hi, Esther!

    We're glad to see that you're getting extra benefits from using HealthFrame...  Smile [:)]

    We know you are aware that it is a bit of a slippery slope to extend the desired functionality of any program in a direction that is not necessarily the original intent of the designers... However, it is probably worth reminding you that you may run into limitations that are not aligned with 'mainstream' expected usage, and therefore expanding certain types of support may end up at lower priorities for future releases...

    Having said that, what you are describing is merging of PHRs and imported data and it actually should work very well in HealthFrame.  Smile [:)]  My guess of what is happening is that it is possible that you are importing data that is not necessarily what you expect - but I might be wrong.

    What I'd like for you to do is to inspect each of the 'export' files before you import them, using HealthFrame Viewer.  Here are the steps I suggest you take:

    1. Please go back to your "medical database" and create an export for the months of June and July 2008, following the instructions in our previous post.  Please be sure to name the generated file with a name that indicates this partial export.
    2. Once you've exported the medical visit data, please open the file up in HealthFrame Viewer and validate in the Medical Visit Summary report that this is consistent with your expectations.
    3. Create a new PHR and give it a 'name' that will make it clear that this is your consolidated medical and "other" visit schedule, and import the file you created in step 1.  Select the radio button to "Replace Current PHR" and import the data.
    4. Before proceeding, please open the Medical Visit summary report in this newly populated PHR and make sure that this too is consistent with your expectations.
    5. Now go to your database of "other appointments" and create an export for all of 2008 - again using the process described in the previous post.
    6. Once you've exported the 2008 non-medical visit data, please open this file up in HealthFrame Viewer and validate in the Medical Visit Summary report that this is consistent with your expectations.
    7. Now open up the PHR you created in step 3 and import the file you created in step 6.  This time, please select the radio button for "Merge additions into current PHR" and import the data.
    8. Finally, go to the Medical Visit Summary report and verify that you see what you expect.
    If any of the steps above fails, please let us know which it was.

    We tried the steps you summarized and the merge worked in both directions, so we are fairly confident we will be able to help you merge your scheduling databases.

    Thank you for sharing the "creative" ways that HealthFrame can continue to be used! Big Smile [:D]

    Support Team
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