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Question about Emergency Card Printing

Last post 05-27-2008, 9:19 PM by Records For Living Support. 3 replies.
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  •  05-21-2008, 9:10 PM 1102

    Question about Emergency Card Printing

    Hello.  I have your fabulous program and I love it!  The only problem that I am having, is that I have quite a few "conditions", "allergies" and "medications".  I went to the help for ER Card and mine does NOT look like your screen shot.  I never had the option to "configure" any of the "conditions", "allergies", etc...  I don't want to list my Primary Care Doctor on there as it's a doctor on the base, and is not helpful.  I could use that room to be able to have my "conditions", "allergies" or "medications" so they all fit on there.  Could you all try to put options for US (the end user) of WHAT we want on the Emergency Card in your next update??  I know it would help me greatly.  Or if there is already a way to do that I would sure like to know.
    Thank you for such a wonderful program. I'm buying one for several people in my family.  :)
  •  05-21-2008, 9:28 PM 1103 in reply to 1102

    Re: Question about Emergency Card Printing

    Attachment: EmergencyCard.png
    Hello, JC!

    Thank you for your kind comments about HealthFrame.  We'd have to agree with you that it's quite fabulous!  Big Smile [:D]

    Unfortunately, it seems that the built-in help page that describes the configuration for the Emergency Card is out of date.  Oops!!!  Embarrassed [:$]

    In the 2.1.6 version, you can use the standard customization mechanism (look for the ellipsis - ... - on the label line).  If you click on it, it'll bring the customization menu and you will be able to select portions of your medical record that get printed on your emergency card.

    Here's a forum thread that shows how customizations can be used with graphs and here is another one that talks about customizing lists.

    Please note that the current version does not support omitting the doctor (PCP) from the card.  I have forwarded to our development team your suggestion that future releases allow for this customization  too.

    Thank you for your interest in HealthFrame and we hope that your family enjoys it too!  Smile [:)]
    Support Team
  •  05-27-2008, 3:37 PM 1117 in reply to 1103

    Re: Question about Emergency Card Printing

    Thank you for the reply!  I do know that I can add or remove some things, however, where you show the "Advanced Directives" and "Donor" I am NOT able to type anything there.  If I tick the Donor one, all that shows up is "Donor: Yes".  It doesn't allow me to type in something like, "All viable organs and tissue" or just "Any internal organs".  Can't type anything in the Advanced Directives either, although I don't know what it's for, unless it's like, DNR (Do Not Resuscitate); if you have this type of order.
  •  05-27-2008, 9:19 PM 1120 in reply to 1117

    Re: Question about Emergency Card Printing

    Attachment: AdvanceDirectives.PNG

    Have you tried going to the Home > Basic Information > Advance Directives page (see image below)?  Using the Susan Marie Taylor sample personal health record (PHR),  I was able to enter "Any needed organs and tissue".

    BTW, here is a page that you might find interesting with regards to Advance Directives.

    Support Team

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