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  • Re: Blood Glucose Graph

    Oh ok.&nbsp; That's great I'll give that a shot!&nbsp; Thanks so much!&nbsp; :) JC
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by poohpixeler on March 29, 2009
  • Blood Glucose Graph

    Hello.&nbsp; I am an insulin dependent diabetic and I was going to use the blood glucose graph that you have, however, I check my blood once before breakfast, once before lunch, once AFTER lunch, once before supper, once AFTER supper, and before I go to bed.&nbsp; Your graph only has a place for before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner, ...
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by poohpixeler on February 17, 2009
  • Re: Health Frame Updates....

    Thank you SO much for doing this for me.&nbsp; I really appreciate it.&nbsp; I wish you all had an ''UPDATES'' page.&nbsp; It would be much easier that way, for people who are unable to use the link in the program.&nbsp; Thanks again! JC
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by poohpixeler on December 5, 2008
  • Re: HealthFrame UPDATES

    Thank you SO much!&nbsp; I'm downloading it now.&nbsp; :)&nbsp; I have tried re-installing to no avail.&nbsp; Waiting on tech support to get back to me.&nbsp; Thanks again! JC
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by poohpixeler on December 5, 2008
  • Health Frame Updates....

    Hello.&nbsp; Can someone please give me the actual URL address typed out please so that I can update my program?&nbsp; I am having a problem with my browser where it won't open 'clickable' links.&nbsp; So when I open my program and it tells me that I have an update waiting and I click on it, only my browser opens, but it doesn't open the ...
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by poohpixeler on December 5, 2008
  • Re: HealthFrame UPDATES

    Hello.&nbsp; Where do I get the updates that my program is wanting to download?&nbsp; I tried clicking the ''update'' link, but I am having a problem with my IE, where it won't open the page for clickable links, such as if it were in an email or the actual program when the little box pops up that says ''you have updates available''.&nbsp; When I ...
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by poohpixeler on December 5, 2008
  • Re: Question about Emergency Card Printing

    Thank you for the reply!&nbsp; I do know that I can add or remove some things, however, where you show the ''Advanced Directives'' and ''Donor'' I am NOT able to type anything there.&nbsp; If I tick the Donor one, all that shows up is ''Donor: Yes''.&nbsp; It doesn't allow me to type in something like, ''All viable organs and tissue'' or just ...
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by poohpixeler on May 27, 2008
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