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How do I change the default location for files and backups

Last post 02-10-2008, 5:32 PM by Records For Living Support. 6 replies.
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  •  02-05-2008, 9:57 PM 986

    How do I change the default location for files and backups

    Hi I'm trying out the newest version of Health Frame and I wanted to ask these questions before I purchase the software or start looking for other software.

    I'm trying to create one central location for my files and on my computer i have user accounts when i go into different user accounts and use your software it stores the information in the different users My Documents Folders.  So when that happens the files aren't all in one place.  For example:

    The ones for the Repository:

    G:\N360_BACKUP\Drive_C\Users\Public\HEALTH    (This is where i would like it to look for it.)

    not sure where that is or how to change the setting for it to look or save in one spot other than the default that you have programed into it, that should be up to the user where it saves files and where it looks for files to use for the active phr's that you have listed in the repository.


    This is for Backups:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Jeff\My Documents\HealthFrame Backups

    C:\Documents and Settings\Kim\My Documents\HealthFrame Backups

  •  02-06-2008, 6:12 PM 991 in reply to 986

    Re: How do I change the default location for files and backups

    I was just doig some searching and found another software company that says on there website that they can do what i'm looking for so since I haven't heard from anybody i guess i will start looking at there software.


    From there site: CAPMED

    You can customize PHR to suit your needs by setting various types of options. You can change

    the location of your PHR database, your regional preferences for the date, time, social security

    numbers, phone numbers, and other formatting in PHR, automatic update options, and options

    for reminders.

  •  02-06-2008, 9:39 PM 992 in reply to 991

    Re: How do I change the default location for files and backups

    Attachment: Configuration.GIF
    Hello, Jeff.

    Welcome to the HealthFrame User Community Forum.

    In response to your questions/comments:
    1. Defaulting to the account's "Documents" folder is common practice in Windows applications.  You may change file location to any desired folder destination, by using the standard file management dialog box (Figure 1).
    2. HealthFrame uses Windows' regional settings configurations in support of regional formatting (Figure 2).
    3. HealthFrame has built-in automatic update support.
    If you are interested in previewing personal health record (PHR) products, you may be interested in looking into the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) web site dedicated to PHRs:

    Many of our customers have experimented with a number of other PHR products - including the one you identified - and have come to appreciate the quality and depth of HealthFrame's features as well as other benefits, including:
    • The ability to download a free evaluation copy of HealthFrame.  People who buy HealthFrame do not rely on marketing alone to make their purchase decisions - they make informed decisions based on actual use of the product.
    • A direct line of communication with the development and support teams, not to mention other users.  This User Community Forum is a publicly accessible forum because we are confident of the quality of our product and thankful to have users who are willing to provide us with their feedback and suggestions for continued improvement.  We value the relationship we have with our customers and others interested in becoming more involved in managing their health.
    • Extensible product platform (OpenHealth Service plug-ins), which allows us to continually expand HealthFrame's functionality - often at no cost to our customers.  A number of PHRs in the market today are in effect 'abandoned' implementations - note for instance the web site source you quote is from a '2004' user manual for a product that has not been updated to consumers since...
    If you purchase the competitor's product and you actually have a chance to use it, we would encourage you to post to this forum with your additional thoughts on how you believe the products compare.

    Thank you for your interest in HealthFrame and let us know if you have additional questions/suggestions,
    Support Team

  •  02-06-2008, 10:09 PM 995 in reply to 992

    Re: How do I change the default location for files and backups

    Ok maybe I didn't explain it correctly when I open up HealthFrame where does it pull the info from and is there away to change it to look and store the infor mation in a different location?




  •  02-06-2008, 11:01 PM 996 in reply to 995

    Re: How do I change the default location for files and backups

    Attachment: RegionalSettings.GIF
    HealthFrame supports two different usage styles:
    • Direct access to the database (default behavior)
    • Save/Restore Backup
    The direct access is the typical way most families use HealthFrame.   In this mode, HealthFrame accesses the database - stored in the standard "Application Data" folder for "All Users".  The default configuration is convenient to most users who do not particularly care about the location of databases. 

    The Restore/Save backup mode behaves similarly to the file save/open interfaces. 

    In the direct access mode, HealthFrame does not currently support changing the default location of the HealthFrame databases.  This has never been requested before, but we thank you for your suggestion.

    Obviously when using the save/restore backup pattern, you control the location of the files.

    In email, you asked, "Where do I go to access the Regional settings area?" - You need to access the Control Panel (Windows "Start" menu) and then click on the Regional and Language Settings (see image).

    Thanks for the follow-up,
    Support Team

  •  02-07-2008, 1:42 AM 997 in reply to 996

    Re: How do I change the default location for files and backups

    The way my system is setup is I have a:

    Desktop with Windows XP, Health Frame Installed, and a external 140GB USB Hard Drive that I use as a Central Storage.

    Laptop with Windows Vista, Health Frame Installed

    So with all my other programs like Outlook for example its installed on the laptop but I tell it to look for the usb hard drive on the desktop for the outlook mail .pst folder under the settings tab.

    So what I believe I'm seeing right now if I do any work on the desktop pc instead of just closing Health Frame I have to save a backup of the file and every time I do that i have to change the location for the backup because the software won't handle it.  Once that is done then I can go to my laptop pc and open the program but before I start using it i have to tell it to load or import the backed up copy that i placed on my storage drive.  Which it seems like there should be an option to let you specify a default location of where the backup files go instead of selecting it every time.  The other thing is that direct access to the database should also be able to be set as to where the user wants to save it since the example that you gave me doesn't exist under vista there is no default user that i can find.

    How long do modifications take to be implemented or where can we see what new modifications are being thought about to be added.


    Thanks for your help and replying quickly



  •  02-10-2008, 5:32 PM 999 in reply to 997

    Re: How do I change the default location for files and backups

    Hello, Jeff.

    You're right that when you use HealthFrame in "File" mode, you have to "save", navigate to the desired location - if different from the current default - and then "open," each time you use HealthFrame.  Thank you for the suggestion to enhance HealthFrame to support configuring the default location for opening backup files - we have forwarded that request to our development team.

    Vista has changed the 'old' folder location from C:\Documents and Settings to C:\Users.  You should be able to find the databases we mentioned, in there.

    As a rule, Records For Living does not preannounce releases or the scope of planned enhancements.  We try to address a number of user requests, but there are a number of different factors to consider...  Here's a little more information on our upgrades, in case you're interested.

    Support Team
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