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  • Re: Tdap Vaccine & Td Vaccine missing from vaccine list

    Here is a link to the CDC's page that explains the difference between DTaP, Tdap, and Td vaccines: You can also see an explanation on Wikipedia here: I'm not sure if this will help you with your ...
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by mike08 on February 8, 2013
  • Tdap Vaccine & Td Vaccine missing from vaccine list

    The current version of HealthFrame does not have the Tdap vaccine in it's list of vaccine options. It does have the DTaP vaccine, but that vaccine is not the same has Tdap. While both vaccines are for Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis, the DTaP is given to infants and young children. Tdap is a booster, and contains smaller dosages of the three ...
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by mike08 on January 16, 2013
  • Suggestion: Ability To List Meds By Prescribing Provider

    I'd like to see a feature that allows you to quickly list all medications prescribed by a particular individual or organizational provider (for organizational providers, it should list meds prescribed by the organization and all individual providers listed as belonging to that organization). I have different meds prescribed by several different ...
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by mike08 on July 22, 2012
  • Re: Polio Vaccine Entry

    Could you provide an estimate of approximately when HealthFrame version 3 will be released? (I realize that timelines can change and any estimate you give could end up being off for any number of reasons. I'd simply like an estimate based on what the timeline looks like right now, and I certainly won't hold it against anyone if the estimate ends up
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by mike08 on July 22, 2012
  • Re: Medication list.

    Automatic calculation could be implemented safely if the report is carefully formatted to avoid ambiguity. For example, the current report has 3 columns (medication, date(s), and details). The medication column contains only the name of the drug in large, bold text. I'd recommend including the automatic calculation in the same font, but also ...
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by mike08 on July 22, 2012
  • Re: Medication list.

    I agree with uunipok, and would also like to see such an option of a simplified list. More and more emergency rooms are using electronic records systems, so that when you go to the ER, during intake they look at your printed list (or you tell them, if you don't have a printed list) of medications and type in into their computer system. If they are ...
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by mike08 on June 6, 2012
  • Polio Vaccine Entry

    The current list of vaccines that you can choose from in HealthFrame only includes the Inactivated Polio (IPV) vaccine. The Oral Polio (OPV) vaccine is not included in the list. While the Polio (OPV) can be entered as a custom entry, the Immunization Summary Wizard will only display Polio (IPV) vaccinations. This can be misleading for people who do
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by mike08 on June 6, 2012
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