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Polio Vaccine Entry

Last post 07-22-2012, 2:52 PM by Records For Living Support. 3 replies.
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  •  06-06-2012, 8:37 AM 1675

    Polio Vaccine Entry

    The current list of vaccines that you can choose from in HealthFrame only includes the Inactivated Polio (IPV) vaccine. The Oral Polio (OPV) vaccine is not included in the list. While the Polio (OPV) can be entered as a custom entry, the Immunization Summary Wizard will only display Polio (IPV) vaccinations. This can be misleading for people who do not understand what the difference is, as it looks like they are missing an important vaccine. Also, people's medical records often just show a Polio vaccination without specifying which kind. If only the Polio (IPV) is present, many people might think that was what they got, instead of doing some quick research to determine which one they received if both Polio (IPV) and Polio (OPV) were listed. In reality, anyone vaccinated against Polio in the U.S. between the early 1960's and 2000 would probably have received the Polio (OPV) vaccine, while vaccinations given before or after that period of time would probably have been Polio (IPV). There are pros and cons to both vaccine types. Before the early 1960's the IPV version was the only one that existed, so it was what everyone used. When the OPV version was developed, most countries switched to it to combat Polio because the OPV provides longer lasting protection (probably life-long), is given by mouth as a liquid instead of an injection, and provides the strongest protection against contracting Polio at all. In comparison, the IPV version's protection wanes with time, is an injection, and provides the strongest protection against the Polio virus getting into the nervous system (Polio infections that don't get into the nervous system tend to be mild, and cause no lasting damage. However those cases can still transmit the virus to others, and those people might not be so lucky and the virus could get into their nervous systems). However, there are down sides to the OPV version. Unlike the IPV, the OPV version is a live vaccine, and while it is very rare, the OPV version can occasionally actually cause Polio (the IPV version cannot). The U.S. used the OPV version until 2000, when it was determined that the extinction of Polio in the U.S. made the risks of the OPV version no longer worth the benefits, and switched back to the IPV.
    The lack of a pre-programmed OPV option in HealthFrame, as well as it's absence from the Immunization Summary Wizard, is potentially confusing to many people. Also, recording the wrong type can be dangerous if the person ever travels abroad to a place where Polio still exists, as if you tell your doctor you had IPV when you actually had OPV, the doctor might recommend unnecessary precautions that may or may not have risks of their own, under the mistaken belief that the person's immunity might have waned with age since that does happen with IPV, but not with OPV. I suggest adding Polio (OPV) to the list of pre-populated vaccine options, and modifying the Immunization Summary Wizard to allow the polio vaccine recommendation to be satisfied by either Polio (IPV) or Polio (OPV).
  •  06-20-2012, 9:28 PM 1677 in reply to 1675

    Re: Polio Vaccine Entry

    Thank you so much for this amazing, and detailed suggestion.

    For the next beta release of HealthFrame v3, we have 3 variations of polio vaccine:
    Polio Vaccine
    Polio Vaccine (IPV)
    Polio Vaccine (OPV)

    Any of these are treated as equivalent in the immunization wizard.
  •  07-22-2012, 1:36 PM 1681 in reply to 1677

    Re: Polio Vaccine Entry

    Could you provide an estimate of approximately when HealthFrame version 3 will be released? (I realize that timelines can change and any estimate you give could end up being off for any number of reasons. I'd simply like an estimate based on what the timeline looks like right now, and I certainly won't hold it against anyone if the estimate ends up being wildly off from the actual release date).

    Also, will current HealthFrame users have to pay to upgrade to version 3, or will upgrading current users be done for free?
  •  07-22-2012, 2:52 PM 1683 in reply to 1681

    Re: Polio Vaccine Entry

    I'm reluctant to answer this because I've been wrong so often, and frequently things come up which someone thinks just has to be folded into HFv3, that adds a couple months.

    But - we're right now implementing the LAST feature which I believe is a MUST for HFv3 - synchronization. My best guess is that we will have a feature-complete beta release within about a month.

    If that works out - final release is probably around October (takes time to prepare marketing / web materials, and do documentation etc).

    This could EASILY get pushed back by additional features (which are still under consideration, but I'm leaning against).

    As for fees - we really have not thought this through. Our current plan is to have SOME upgrade fee, probably around 1/2 the regular purchase price of HealthFrame.

    We do make MANY upgrades to HealthFrame free, but this is a major upgrade, several years worth of work.
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