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  • Name suffix vs post-nomial abbreviation

    There are name suffixes (e.g., Jr., Sr., III). There are post-nomial abbreviations for degrees, licenses, and certifications (e.g., M.D., PhD, F.N.P., LPC, LPN, etc.). it is possible for someone to have either or both, and for both to be necessary in the Contact entry to differentiate between father and son in the same practice. John Doe, M.D., and
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by Mindsurfer on March 26, 2018
  • User-specified drop list values

    Many fields have drop list controls. Examples include name prefixes and suffixes. units of measure in test results, frequency in medications, Religion in Basic Information, and many more. Most have an ellipsis selection to support user-supplied values. In some cases, the user-supplied value becomes a valid entry in the list as long as there is a ...
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by Mindsurfer on March 26, 2018
  • Typo in balloon help

    In the Views menu on the left of the screen, mouseover 'Planning' and a help balloon pops up. In this help text, the word 'example' is spelled 'exmaple.'
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by Mindsurfer on March 26, 2018
  • Scientific notation in test results?

    I have a CBC drawn at least once a month. The WBC and some other results come back as very large numbers per liter, expressed in scientific notation (e.g., 7.0 10e9/L). How should results like these be entered (both the value itself and the unit of measure)?
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by Mindsurfer on March 26, 2018
  • Medication dose vs strength

    I've been evaluating v3.0.1, and see from browsing the forum that the Medications section is undergoing a redesign. I've recently had a lot of hospital and new doctor visits. In my experience, both as an EMT and as a patient, the EMT's are happy if they get a list of medications, at all, much less actual doseage information. Doctors, on the other ...
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by Mindsurfer on March 26, 2018
  • Recurring Treatment and the Calendar

    I am a dialysis patient. I added a Treatment record for dialysis with a start date of 14 November 2017 - the date of my first acute dialysis - and no end date, because it is on-going on a&nbsp; regular schedule (in my case, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, unless I need to shift the schedule or add an extra treatment for some reason). I ...
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by Mindsurfer on March 26, 2018
  • Emergency Card suggestions

    I realize that the Emergency Card, by definition, can't include everything; still,&nbsp; I would like to suggest a couple of items for consideration.Devices. ED staff, and personnel supporting the ED (anesthesiology, radiology, etc.) may not need to know about every device and appliance one has, but they do need to know you have a pacemaker or ICD,
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by Mindsurfer on March 25, 2018
  • Re: Larger Emergency Card'm not sure what 'grow' would mean? Let the user specify any size for the horizonal and vertical dimenions? A 'grow'/'resize' box? Or a few fixed sizes to choose from?Currently, the Emergency Card is formatted as two card-sized panels, oriented side by side, that can be printed, cut out and folded to become a ...
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by Mindsurfer on March 23, 2018
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