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Re: Larger Emergency Card

  •  03-23-2018, 9:52 PM

    Re: Larger Emergency Card
    ...I'm not sure what 'grow' would mean? Let the user specify any size for the horizonal and vertical dimenions? A 'grow'/'resize' box? Or a few fixed sizes to choose from?

    Currently, the Emergency Card is formatted as two card-sized panels, oriented side by side, that can be printed, cut out and folded to become a "card". The first panel is the front of the "card" and the second panel is the back of the "card." The first panel contains the label, name, DOB, blood type, selected concerns, and selected medications. The second panel contains the PCP name, emergency contact info, insurance info, donor and advanced directive info, and optional text.

    The problem is that, if the person has enough active conditions and/or medications, the medication list may exceed the available space in the panel and be truncated. The second panel can be affected similarly, if its information exceeds the available space. I think "grow" means extending the report so important information isn't truncated.

    My county's Voter Registration Card is actually printed on card stock as three card-sized panels, side by side. It is intended to be folded to become an accordion trifold "card" that fits in a standard credit card sleeve in a wallet. My point is that, as long as it folds to a card size that fits in a wallet or cardholder, the Emergency Card could be 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 6 panels long, and still be formatted to be folded down to card size and fit in a wallet. Let the report be however many panels long it needs to be to accommodate the specified information.

    - Tom
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