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  • Re: suggestion

    here are some websites for recommened ...
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by jcmoss on April 2, 2009
  • suggestion

    i have a suggestion for future versions. How about a preventative care module that will keep track of tests that are recommended for certain age groups and a reminder to have them done. I know that i can track the tests now but it would beneficial if i knew what test i should be having done as i get older. &nbsp;
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by jcmoss on March 10, 2009
  • error message

    i am frequently receiving an unknown error occurred message when using healthframe 2.14? i receive the message, then healthframe freezes and i have to manually close and&nbsp;restart the program. is there a patch to fix this? &nbsp;
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by jcmoss on January 6, 2007
  • Re: therapy question

    thank you for the advice. The below attachment does not download or open.
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by jcmoss on August 16, 2006
  • therapy question

    my son has both occuopational and speech therapy that is recurring weekly on the same day,Is there an easy way to input this information into healthframe? right now I am&nbsp; setting up treatments for each on the calendar,Would it be easier to have one visit set up&nbsp; with both therapies listed under treatments or continue what i am doing? If
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by jcmoss on August 11, 2006
  • Calendar

    Is there a way to have the time shown in calendar for test,treatment and other?&nbsp; Whenever I add a new test or treatment I input the appointment time but ir is not being shown for anything besides a new visit. I there a w ay to include&nbsp; an optional start time and end for tests or treatment like there is for visits?&nbsp;
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by jcmoss on August 5, 2006
  • Re: speech therapy

    If you were to schedule a recurring speech therapy visit, which I believe is your intended example, would you want all of the visit information to be duplicated?&nbsp; For instance, same therapist, same time of day, same co-pay, same preparation notes, related information (such as condition), etc?Yes all the information is the same . Also, if you ...
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by jcmoss on August 1, 2006
  • speech therapy

    is there a easy way to add weekly or recurring appointments in the calendar?
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by jcmoss on July 22, 2006
  • Re: (medications co-pay) - was Re: suggestion for future releases

    I Have been tracking medication that way.However i find that it might be easier if the box was already there instead of opening up&nbsp; the related information section.Most medications are an expense and it just seems logical.
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by jcmoss on June 22, 2006
  • Re: suggestion for future releases

    i have some recommendation to improve product in future releases: 1)List insurance plan specifics(copays,deductictibles,What is covered)General information,sinilar to what is on insurance card 2)Add insurance type(Medical,Dental,Vision)in addition to or in place of policy type.Include specifics of each plan. 3)under devices have the option to ...
    Posted to HealthFrame Discussion (Forum) by jcmoss on June 21, 2006
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