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'Forum Options' Question

Last post 02-06-2008, 2:35 PM by Gary. 2 replies.
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  •  02-05-2008, 4:11 PM 985

    'Forum Options' Question

    In the past, I used to successfully receive all Forum postings in my email as I wished. Yet for some time now I have not been receiving them. I just checked that I have selected email receipt in my Forum Options, so do I have to do something else to receive emails again? I am quite sure my email program (Thunderbird) is not blocking these; in fact, I can go to my ISP's website to look at my email there before it ever comes to my computer and I do not see any HealthFrame postings there either. Any suggestions for other things for me to check? Thanks.
  •  02-05-2008, 10:13 PM 987 in reply to 985

    Re: 'Forum Options' Question

    Hi, Gary.  It's good to hear from you again!

    We have noticed that automated messages from the forum to your email account have been rejected (please note we have replaced your email address to protect your privacy):

    The attached message had PERMANENT fatal delivery errors!

    After one or more unsuccessful delivery attempts the attached message has
    been removed from the mail queue on this server. The number and frequency
    of delivery attempts are determined by local configuration parameters.


    Failed address:

    --- Session Transcript ---
    Tue 2008-02-05 21:59:46: Parsing Message <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\pd50000147384.msg>
    Tue 2008-02-05 21:59:46: From:
    Tue 2008-02-05 21:59:46: To:

    Tue 2008-02-05 21:59:47: <-- 550 Blocked for abuse. Please contact
     the administrator of your ISP or sending mailservice.
    --- End Transcript ---
    In a nutshell, your ISP has incorrectly blocked emails from because you ISP misinterpreted the messages you were receiving as spam.  We cannot do anything on our end.  You need to notify your ISP that email from is NOT spam.

    Support Team
  •  02-06-2008, 2:35 PM 990 in reply to 987

    Re: 'Forum Options' Question

    Thanks; now at least I know who to contact to fix this.
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