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Can't download HealthFrame 2.1.6 from purchase page link

Last post 02-13-2007, 9:29 PM by Records For Living Support. 2 replies.
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  •  02-13-2007, 5:42 PM 605

    Can't download HealthFrame 2.1.6 from purchase page link

    I just purchased the discounted upgrade to HealthFrame version 2.  When I did this it gave me a download link to download HealthFrame Version 2.0.3.  But I noticed on your website I can download the new HealthFrame Family Edition version 2.1.6. 
    1. Which version can I use and which should I download?
    2. What is the difference between version 2.0.3 and version 2.1.6?
    3. Does my new license code allow me to use new HealthFrame Family Edition or should I be using another edition instead? 
    Thank you,
  •  02-13-2007, 5:51 PM 606 in reply to 605

    Re: Can't download HealthFrame 2.1.6 from purchase page link

    Dear Richard,

    You have run into a problem with our purchase email/page.  Thanks for reporting it!

    First, let me clarify our upgrade policy.  Any customer who purchases HealthFrame has the right to free 'point release' upgrades.  In your case, you bought HealthFrame 2.x and you can get upgrade from 2.0.3 to 2.1 to 2.1.6, etc all free.  The only time you'll be asked to pay for an upgrade cost is when we go to a 'major' release (typically every 18 - 24 months) - of course, you don't need to upgrade if you don't want to... (you can continue to use the version you purchase for as long as you want...)

    As a rule, you should always be using the most recent point release you're entitled to (in this case HealthFrame 2.1.6)

    We will fix the purchase link soon, but in the meantime there is no problem with the demo download link.

    Once you install, simply use your new license code and you will be all set. 

    Please note that HealthFrame 2.1.6 will periodically check for new upgrades, which will make it easier for you to stay up-to-date with the latest release.

    Thanks again for reporting this problem with the link,
    Support Team
    Records For Living, Inc

  •  02-13-2007, 9:29 PM 607 in reply to 606

    Re: Can't download HealthFrame 2.1.6 from purchase page link

    The download link WAS in fact pointing to the correct file, and despite the message you saw in your browser - you were downloading the latest HealthFrame version (2.1.6).

    The default file name (which was incorrectly set to say 2.0.3) has been corrected in the purchase download page.

    Thanks for reporting the problem.

                     Support Team.

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