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Problem with graphing tests

Last post 01-30-2007, 10:15 PM by Records For Living Support. 1 replies.
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  •  01-30-2007, 1:29 AM 591

    Problem with graphing tests

    Customizing a user defined graph, the three values of the first test are all centered, one on top of the other, in the middle of the graph. One test value can not be distinquished from the other. 

    Common, layman Item Names were used rather than decipher the assortment of complicated "standardized measurement-type names' offerred in the 'comprehensive list'. These are the entries: RBC 3.71 milli/uL, Hemoglobin 13.7 g/dL and Hematocrit 39.5 %. Notice each test has a different 'Unit'.

    Maybe when the second and third tests are added to the record the first test values will separate. However, another user defined graph I made with different blood tests has the same problem with three of four values of the first test stacked on top of each other. On this graph the three stacked values have different 'Units', while the one value that is not stacked has the same 'Unit'(%) as one of the stacked values.

    It appears the program centers the values different Units of the first test mid-range on their vertical scale but doesn't permit the values to separate from that absolute position when other tests are added. Just a guess.

  •  01-30-2007, 10:15 PM 594 in reply to 591

    Re: Problem with graphing tests

    Dear Robert,

    Thank you for your feedback on the user defined graph.  In general, it is a difficult problem to optimize graphs for which we have no a priori expectations - i.e. it's entirely under user control...  Also, as you pointed out,  few data points (such as the results of a single test) are not representative of the types of graphing that are most useful, i.e., typically graphs are useful when analyzing trends over time and in such cases overlaps tend to be diminished.

    Having said that, we have forwarded your comments to our development team and they're evaluating some of the algorithms being used for the upcoming HealthFrame 2.1.6 release.  We'll be looking into ways that we can rely less on 'centering' and more on the context of the data that is entered in the personal health record, trying to control the Y-axis value ranges so as to minimize overlaps.

    Thanks for your feedback and please let us know of further improvements we can make to HealthFrame.

    Support Team

    Records For Living

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