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Expense Register (Version 2.0.2)

Last post 06-14-2006, 9:03 PM by Records For Living Support. 4 replies.
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  •  06-11-2006, 8:46 AM 321

    Expense Register (Version 2.0.2)

    Topic: Unable to edit full expense record

    I entered the dr's name rather than the practice name and now, when I select edit - the only field that is open for edit is the $$ amount. Also, since I did not provide any text entry in the Memo field, it will allow me to enter the text.

    Suggestion: Why are the other fields not open for edit - date, Pay to, and type at this point? I presume that if I had entered text in the Memo field, then this field would be locked as well?. Is this by design if so, what was the logic that used?

    *** Davis
  •  06-12-2006, 10:22 PM 345 in reply to 321

    Re: Expense Register (Version 2.0.2)

    Attachment: visitcopay.gif
    If an expense is the co-pay for a visit, then the visit-related fields aren't editable (see pictures below).  Is that what you're seeing?
  •  06-13-2006, 6:48 AM 351 in reply to 321

    Re: V2.0.2 Expense Registe - Practice name rather than Doctor's

    When the expense record has been created and the payment has been associated with the docotor, that is typically not how the payment is made or rather who received the payment. Most of the payments are made to the practice, such as "Springfield Medical Family Center", rather than to "Dr. Joe Smith".  Point here is that when the expense register is being printed for tax preparation, then the entry here does not match the entry in the checking register or the statement on the credit card.

    A solution might be to have the practice name to the right of the $$ amount. thus, when the entry is make for the payment, then the selection can be made to either the practice or the doctor. I would think that if a doctor is part of a practice, then this can be obtained from the provider record, if there is no practice name in the physican record, then it can default to the doctor.

    Makes sense?

    *** Davis
  •  06-13-2006, 7:50 AM 356 in reply to 321

    Re: FDD - Expense Register - Recording EOBs

    Are there any enhancements being planned/thought of for the expense register such the asociated tracking of EOBs received to show claim number, claim process date, what is submitted, what is not allowed, calculated what is allowed, what is paid by the insurance company and then what is responsiblity of the subcriber? Also, this would be associiated with the provider, the practice and the insurance company that is providing the medical payment.

    Also, when the co-pay is make then it has a date of payment, the $$ (brough forward as a default from the patient's responsibility field) allow the entry to over ride the amount that is paid for partial payments, and the method of payment - check, cash, credit card.

    I am using the Quicken Medical Manager product, but it is only partially there - I see that HealthFrame is just missing this point - thus, this is a specialized module that could be added.

    Is this a version 3 planned feature?

    *** Davis
  •  06-14-2006, 9:03 PM 366 in reply to 356

    Re: FDD - Expense Register - Recording EOBs

    Attachment: ExpenseBreakdown.GIF

    Agreed.  HealthFrame v2.x is the first version that supports an expense registry.  There will be many improvements in releases to come.  Some - in particular those that require changes to our data model - may need to wait until v3.0, while others should happen sooner.  In particular, there may be some interoperability improvements in the v2.x timeframe.

    Note that you can create multiple expense entry records and link them together to track some of the information you are talking about (total cost, allowed amount, co-insurance).

    Support Team

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