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Re: More Feature suggestions

Last post 01-12-2017, 8:23 AM by Records For Living Support. 1 replies.
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  •  11-22-2016, 3:49 PM 1786

    Re: More Feature suggestions

    Hey... I joined this so that I could make a feature suggestion to the devs. I was looking at HealthFrame for awhile now, it looks fantastic, with nicely organized layouts and internal organization to present information. The big drawback that keeps me balking is that in the end, I still have to enter all the information by hand, scan all that paper, and manually find correct places to attach that paperwork to. It's a lot of work for every single doctor/pharmacy visit.

    To this end, have you guys heard of EDI (Electronic Document Interchange)? It's a collection of standards that insurance companies use to communicate information, like claims, Explanation of Benefits, etc. EDI 835 (google that) is a format specification for Explanation of Benefits. The EDI 835 specification can be found at: By contrast, EDI 837 is a health care claim (that is submitted to an insurance company).

    Also, these days, EDI's have to be compliant with HIPAA 5010 standards.

    Lots of insurance companies already offer people to "View EOB's" online.

    Based on this, it should be a piece of cake for you guys to program in a feature to download EOB's from providers that offer online viewing of EOB's. Once EOB's are downloaded, you can parse those files for dates and other details, and match them to visits (or even create records for visits if they don't exist).

    Similar stuff can be done for pharmacies and prescriptions. I think I provided an OK *starting point* for what I'm expecting out of HealthFrame.

    I guess what I'm describing is similar to Quicken, where you download transaction registers from banks, credit cards, and other financial institutions, and then have a quick and easy look at your financial picture.

    Once I see a feature to download EOB's, and do stuff based on that downloaded update, this will go a LONG way to getting me to seriously consider buying my own copy of HeathFrame.
  •  01-12-2017, 8:23 AM 1790 in reply to 1786

    Re: More Feature suggestions

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    In general - I think its a very good idea, and one we have explored before.

    There are a couple of technical challenges, and a couple of business challenges to make this work.

    > merging in data from different sources without creating duplication, and successfully recognizing object identity (which things that are named differently really refer to the same thing - like "DR SMITH" and "Dr. Samuel Smith".
    I'm very interested in this problem and have made progress towards solving it, but its not working well enough to build a major feature on yet.

    > Most places I've seen that allow 'viewing an EOB' dont let you download the EDI, but instead you download a PDF report generated from that EDI. That PDF report is not as easily parsed.

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