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Mobile Idea

Last post 05-17-2016, 10:02 PM by Records For Living Support. 1 replies.
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  •  05-17-2016, 9:51 PM 1771

    Mobile Idea

    I know a lot of us has asked for an IPAD/iphone/mobile app for Healthframe to make our records more portable. I also read that you were hoping to be able to partner with an existing mobile application.

    Just a thought . . . have you considered the possibility of providing an html based export document? When I was considering another PHR product, there was the option to export the entire medical record as an html file, which you could then open in any browser and click on attachments, visits, the whole works. It was read only, but contained everything in the PHR.

    While an app is great, just being able to carry the records and access them from an internet browser (without storing the actual records on the internet, which is why I went with Healthframe) might be a decent temporary solution.

  •  05-17-2016, 10:02 PM 1772 in reply to 1771

    Re: Mobile Idea


    I was just tonight discussing the idea of pre-exporting some encrypted data to a drop-box folder that was in essence, the same data you are descriping, and then doing a simple iPad app wrapping Ajax/HTML that loaded (decrypting) that data.

    Thats geek talk for basically what you said (but with a veneer of security, and a bit more extendable to gradually add more features).

    A definite low-hanging-fruit approach ;-). It would give READ ONLY access to a PHR (with minimal programming). And it fits nicely with another request made by someone to have scheduled (synchronization) of reports to a drop box account (so those reports could also be viewed).

    There is a bit of polishing I need to do with HealthFrame v3 for windows - to make sure its truly stable (v3.0.1 building tonight). We'll see...
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