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Linked PHR and Other "Linked" Information

Last post 04-25-2016, 10:12 AM by Records For Living Support. 4 replies.
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  •  03-03-2016, 1:15 PM 1752

    Linked PHR and Other "Linked" Information

    Since purchasing the program I have begun to use it in earnest. 

    I have linked myself with other family members, but I cannot see any real benefit to linking family PHR other than the ability to open up a linked individuals record in a new window.

    Also, I thought if I created an Organization, or Provider once linked it would show up in the list for each family member.  Sadly, this does not appear to be the case.

    I have had to recreate the same Organization, and Provider for the family members as well.

    Is there something I am missing here?
    If not, this should be something that is on a short list to have in the software.  Linking across family members of the same doctors, hospitals, clinics and such would make the program shine and not make it feel like one does not want to type in for the "x" number of times the same exact information for each person.

    Please tell me I missed something and goofed up on my end somehow, please!
  •  03-03-2016, 1:52 PM 1753 in reply to 1752

    Re: Linked PHR and Other "Linked" Information

    Several points.

    One, on the 'linked family members' - you are right, that there is exceedingly limited benefit to that feature in 2.11, which is among the reasons it was removed for v3 (or maybe generalized).

    On the issue of sharing contacts between PHRs, this is one of the major new features of HealthFrame v3. In HealthFrame v3, you simple set a checkmark in the PHR saying it 'uses' the shared contacts, and then for each contact you want shared, you set a checkbox for that contact.

    This is a very new feature, and will probably enjoy some 'growing pains', but I think it will give you at least 95% of what you are looking for.
  •  03-03-2016, 1:53 PM 1754 in reply to 1753

    Re: Linked PHR and Other "Linked" Information

    One more thing - is that to some extent with HealthFrame v2, and to a greater extent with HealthFrame v3, you can copy and past contacts between PHRs.
  •  03-03-2016, 2:03 PM 1755 in reply to 1754

    Re: Linked PHR and Other "Linked" Information

    Thank you for your answers. Makes me want version 3 even more now! :o)

    Regarding the copy and paste, is that line-by-line copy and paste (e.g. organization Name, Address, Phone, State, Zip...), or a copy and paste of all information at once?

    Thank you
  •  04-25-2016, 10:12 AM 1760 in reply to 1755

    Re: Linked PHR and Other "Linked" Information

    You can copy either plain text (part of contact like name) or the entire contact.

    Depending on what you copy, that is what you paste.

    (so if you copy the entire contact, and paste, the entire contact is copied to the new PHR).
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