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Synching up attachments to PHR when exported to another computer

Last post 11-02-2009, 9:23 AM by Records For Living Support. 1 replies.
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  •  11-01-2009, 9:58 AM 1517

    Synching up attachments to PHR when exported to another computer

    I downloaded HealthFrame Explorer and HealthFrame Viewer to my Netbook (and my desktop, of course) from the cd I purchased from you. I exported my PHR from my desktop using a thumb drive. I successfully loaded my PHR onto my Netbook. It shows up in a folder showing the 2 different formats for my PHR and another folder with my attachments which are all .pdf files which I can open. However, I cannot figure out how to synch up the attachments with my PHR (.HPHR file or the CCR file). Can you please explain how I synch up the attachments and the PHR? I am not very computer savvy so please explain as clearly and simply as possible. (I read the explanation in the Help section, and I was totally lost.)

  •  11-02-2009, 9:23 AM 1520 in reply to 1517

    Re: Synching up attachments to PHR when exported to another computer


    HealthFrame supports two mechanisms for managing "file" data: attachments and links to external files (for instance files stored in your hard disk).

    If you expect you would like to track a significant number of attachments, we recommend that you consider creating folder(s) or choosing a separate storage solution where you store the attachments and then create links to that information.  Note that this is a trade-off decision.  When you link instead of directly attaching:
    • Your HealthFrame backups will not automatically back up the linked information.  You will need a separate backup procedure for the linked information.
    • The attachment information is only accessible if you can reach the storage location.  For instance, if you use your hard disk, then you can only get to those documents when you are using your computer.  A good alternative to consider is to host the attachment data in an accessible location such as and then create links from HealthFrame.
    • Finally, linked information will typically have a delay (latency) of access, which you don't see with the attached data.
    Attachments will increase the size of your PHR - impacting some performance characteristics (depending on how many attachments you add, your computer's memory, etc).  The benefits of attaching files include:
    • HealthFrame backups will automatically backup all of your attached data
    • Any time you can open your PHR with HealthFrame, you'll be able to access your attachment(s)
    • Reduced latency accessing your attached files
    If you have PDF files that you would like to share between two computers, here is how the process would work in either case:


    You can keep a 'convention' for the location of your PDF files.  For instance, c:\MyPdfs.  Make sure that both your laptop and desktop use the same folder and then when you link to the file, as you copy your PHR from laptop to desktop, you'll be able to access the files out of the folder.  Please note that you must remember to copy the PDF files from one computer's folder to another.


    This is probably the easiest to maintain: regardless of which computer you're using, attach the PDF to your PHR. Now, when you copy your PHR from one computer to another, the attachments automatically get copied too.

    Please let us know if you require additional assistance,
    Support Team

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