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Last post 06-30-2009, 8:46 PM by Records For Living Support. 3 replies.
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  •  06-11-2008, 9:44 AM 1155


    I would like to suggest a list feature, versus reports.  I'd like to print out a simplified list of physicians and their phone numbers and a simplified list of medications and dosage/administration instructions.  The information on reports is not concise enough to carry around, not concise enough to hand to the doctor when you go to the office. 

    I would also like to be able to add dates that are not precise as some dates are only known in the month/year or just the year in the case of deceased relatives. 



  •  06-12-2008, 9:20 PM 1157 in reply to 1155

    Re: reports

    Attachment: SummaryReports.PNG
    Welcome to the HealthFrame User Community Forum!  Smile [:)]

    I have copied screen shots of the Medications and Provider Summary Reports that are available with HealthFrame (image below).  It seems that these are lists with the information you suggested in your post.  Would you include less information or perhaps simply change fonts sizes and/or layouts to present the information more concisely?

    The suggestion to support "inprecise" dates.  We have struggled in the past with the proper user interface(s) that would make it simple to enter both precise and inprecise dates (check box and calendar? free text?) and how to handle date-based calculations such as 'age', etc.  We appreciate why this would be a useful feature and we are forwarding your comments to our development team for further analysis.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!  Smile [:)]
    Support Team
  •  06-28-2009, 1:02 PM 1415 in reply to 1157

    Re: reports

    The screen shots you provided are too elaborate to turn over to a Physician.  When I print a medications list, if the dosage amount was completely visible, this is what my doctor wants me to provide. 

    The amount column in the medications list display is cut off so you only see part of the information followed by ...  This is very unhelpful. 

    Those screen shots are also not helpful for carrying in a wallet.  The medication list style, if the dosage information was actually printed out completely, would be very helpful. 

    Our recent visit to the emergency room was facilitated by the medication list we had, but I then had to fill in the missing details of dosage from memory. 



  •  06-30-2009, 8:46 PM 1421 in reply to 1415

    Re: reports

    Attachment: MedicationsInMHS.PNG

    Thank you for your feedback on the layout of our reports.  Unfortunately, I am not able to see the 'amount' information being cut off so that you only see part of the information.  Can you reproduce this problem using the sample records that ship with HealthFrame?  Can you provide a screen shot that illustrates the problem you are running into?

    Also, please note that if the Medications Summary is too 'verbose' for your needs, you may also consider printing the Medical History Summary (see screen shot).

    Thank you,
    Support Team

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