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Future Updates

Last post 06-30-2009, 8:35 PM by Records For Living Support. 2 replies.
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  •  12-08-2008, 5:53 PM 1260

    Future Updates

    I'm a new user and have some comments:

    --I would like to see "related information" for Providers. It would be especially helpful to be able to connect to websites related to my Doctors and Organizations. I'm using Journals for that now.

    --I would also like to see "related information" for Insurance. Then I could link to my carrier's websites. Also, I would like to be able to record communications with my insurers via links. In addition, I didn't see any option for Medicare Supplement in the list of types of insurance and had to add that myself.

    --Why don't you have RxBIN, RXPCN and RxGrp for prescription coverage on the Insurance forms?   

    --When I open a Journal Entry and point to the Toolbar, no explanations appear for the various symbols, whereas they do appear on the Home page. This appears to be a bug/oversight.

    -I would like to see the program in a mobile format, so that I can easily access my data on the go. I can export my files to my Treo, but I cannot read them. If I could just export the CCR record in a Word format, that would work.

    This is the best software that I've seen for tracking medical history.  I especially like the plug-in that exports the medication list to Word. Thanks for such a comprehensive product. 

    I keep editing this. One more thing that I'd like to see is some system of alerts (eg, I communicate with a provider and am awaiting an answer). Could there be some way of keeping track of unanswered communications? I know I'm asking for a lot, but I really like this software!


  •  12-26-2008, 2:26 PM 1264 in reply to 1260

    Re: Future Updates

    I'm also a new user and enjoy using the software and would like to see the following;

    • Form entry format for eye glasses as it appears on the Rx from the OD.  ie, for Distance, OD Spherical, Cylindrical, Axis, Prism and Base, etc.



  •  06-30-2009, 8:35 PM 1419 in reply to 1264

    Re: Future Updates


    Please try the "General Eye Examination" test type.  It does what you're looking for.

    Support Team
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