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Milage calc.

Last post 03-23-2008, 10:18 PM by Records For Living Support. 6 replies.
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  •  01-11-2008, 8:27 PM 946

    Milage calc.

    I noticed that a mileage tax calculation report was available for 06 – is  there one for current years – also is there a way to not have the mileage show up as a dollar amount in the expense register – Everything I am adding to the register will be medical, and  tracked for taxes – Thanks for the help, and I love your product

  •  01-11-2008, 11:13 PM 949 in reply to 946

    Re: Milage calc.

    Here's the updated OpenHealth Service (OHS) Plug-In for 2007 Medical Mileage Expenses.

    The Expense Register currently has no customization support for filtering out 'mileage' expenses.  We're sorry for the inconvenience and have shared your feedback with our development team.  In the meantime, you can use the Expense Transaction Report, which does support filtering by type.  You can use the Expense Transaction Report to keep track of your actual direct medical expenses. 

    If this is a configuration you like, please remember to create a named/saved customization.

    Thank you for using HealthFrame and for your kind comments.  We love it too!  Big Smile [:D]

    Support Team
    Records For Living

  •  01-15-2008, 9:11 PM 964 in reply to 949

    Re: Mileage calc. zip

    What about the current year 2008 IRS Mileage Deductions?

    I read where it was 19 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes for 2008. Is that right?,,id=176030,00.html

    It would be cool if we could add mileage to/from an appt then it calculates total for expense.
    In the meantime, we can do a manual calculation.

  •  01-27-2008, 12:39 PM 971 in reply to 964

    Re: Mileage calc. zip

    Attachment: TrackingMileage.PNG
    Hi, Drix.

    Thanks for the suggestion to add an OpenHealth Service (OHS) Plug-in for 2008 medical mileage deductions.  We will post it to our web site later, but for now, please download the zip file in this forum thread.  You're really on top of your taxes!  We haven't even looked at our W-2's yet... Smile [:)]

    Please note that with HealthFrame 2.1.6 you can create a "Mileage" expense and associate it with your visits, tests, treatments, etc - as appropriate.  The deduction then gets automatically calculated (please see image below).

    You bring up an interesting thought in terms of making this easier to track for future releases.  Maybe if when you enter your doctor's information, in the 'location' section you could enter the mileage to/from your home.  Then you could 'check' whether or not you drove from home and HealthFrame could calculate the total mileage and expense values.  It is a bit trickier than this, of course, because you might move and/or your provider might move, but there may be the beginnings of an optimization here...

    Thanks again for your suggestions,
    Support Team

  •  01-27-2008, 12:41 PM 972 in reply to 971

    Re: Mileage calc. zip

    Here's the zip with the OpenHealth Service (OHS) Plug-in.

    Support Team
  •  03-19-2008, 9:58 PM 1020 in reply to 972

    Re: Mileage calc. zip

    I added an Expense for Mileage today but the expense report appears to be calculating at the 20 cents per mile vs the 2008 19 cents per mile. I've downloaded the file from this thread. I entered 20 (miles) and it shows $4.00 vs $3.80.

  •  03-23-2008, 10:18 PM 1022 in reply to 1020

    Re: Mileage calc. zip


    Thanks for reporting this oversight!  The link and labels had been changed to 20 cents per mile but not the actual calculation...

    Please find attached the updated OHS Plug-in.  The web site will be updated shortly.

    Thank you for reporting this,
    Support Team
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