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Suggestion - medication Co-Pays and Insurance life

Last post 06-14-2006, 9:09 PM by Records For Living Support. 7 replies.
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  •  06-10-2006, 9:44 PM 314

    Suggestion - medication Co-Pays and Insurance life

    Is there a place on the screen for the medications that the co-pays can be entered like there is on the visit screen for a medical provider?
  •  06-10-2006, 9:49 PM 315 in reply to 314

    Re: Suggestion - medication Co-Pays and Insurance life

    Attachment: MedicationCopay.PNG

    Yes there is.  HealthFrame 2.0 supports a generic linking mechanism that is available from most pages.  This allows portions of the data model to "expand" to support the user's need, without crowding the form.

    The built-in help contains some more detailed explanations on how links work, but here is a summary of how you can do this for medication co-pay:

    1. Click on the + sign in the Related Information section.

    2. Click on the list box to select linking to Expense

    3. Click on the Create New button.  This will bring you to the detailed expense information.

    4. Fill in the expense information and click the OK button.

    Support Team

  •  06-10-2006, 9:59 PM 316 in reply to 315

    Re: Suggestion - medication Co-Pays and Insurance life

    Attachment: expenseregister.PNG
    In the bottom portion of this screen, would it no make sense to have the listing of the providers like what there is on tests, etc?

    Also, the memo field could be filled with the drug name, test name, etc – or the user could enter from the field. With this, a selection could be added for “drug-CoPay” using the same format as the Patient Co-Pay selection.


    Also, on the provider field – most are already in the database, would it to be beneficial to have a field “miles” for being able to use this in the reporting of expenses at the year end when doing taxes?


    I have a supplemental insurance that pays for medical and dental, is there a way of capturing this as well.


    What about life insurance or other forms of this type of life insurance? Would it be wise to have this included and thus will know the costs, name of the policy, the benefits and the payouts, as well as the tracking of the payments to the life insurance premiums? I thinking here of being able to have one place – when the event of death happens that will provide the family with a reference point – I know that at present I have my employment life insurance, then a small term life insurance that is a benefit from the financial institution for the checking account, and then there is a self pay life insurance for my son that I self pay?

  •  06-10-2006, 10:40 PM 317 in reply to 316

    Re: Suggestion - medication Co-Pays and Insurance life

    Attachment: editingexpense2.PNG

    I'm not sure that I understand all of the questions that you asked & suggestions you made, so  I apologize if I missed some.

    1. Expenses have a 'Pay To' field that in future versions is likely to support using any known 'contacts', including providers.

    2. You can actually enter data in the 'memo' field.  For expenses, we expected users to prefer entering their own memo - like you would in a check.  That's why nothing gets pre-filled.

    3. Please note that you can select the expense type to be ... (ellipsis) and then type 'Drug Co-Pay' (see image below).

    4. Where did you expect to track 'miles' information about a provider?  In the provider form or in the expense registry?

    5. You can track all of your various insurance policies from the Basic Information/Insurance section.  Create a new insurance (+) button and select the Policy Type to be ... (ellipsis) and then type 'Life Insurance'.  We will add 'Life Insurance' to future releases.

    6. It's a great idea to use the registry to track premium payments also.  Here is what you can do: create an expense entry indicating the name of your life insurance company in the 'Pay To' field, select the expense 'Type' to ... (ellipsis) and then type 'Premium Payment'.  Thanks for the suggestion!

    Support Team

    Records For Living

  •  06-10-2006, 11:17 PM 318 in reply to 317

    Re: Suggestion - medication Co-Pays and Insurance life

    (1) Will the contacts be more of a rolodex in nature - I know from my experience, I deal with the save providers and have a narrow set - but when I change cities - then they change.

    (2) Ok - understand, but was thinking of more of some standard entries - is it possible for the program to capture the entries, and then use them to display like dropdowns.

    (3) I understand about the use of the free field with the ellipsis - but since this is so common, why have to use the free field -

    (4) I would see this on the provider screen - but this could be assiged with the location - since many providers in metro areas have multiple office that they provide service - for example my podtriatist has 3 offices and I have been to all three. Additinoally, if the ability to use the mapping programs - such as map quest for example, then the information here for the entry of mapping is standard  and can be filled in from the program - also, this will provide the miles from home to the provider.

    (5) understand that this can be done now, but there is no place other than the text ares to record policy issued date, breakdwns, and amounts - I know from the recent passing of a friend, that his family would have had a lead / some knowledge if they had this information with his other medical records in a program like this.


    *** Davis
  •  06-12-2006, 10:32 PM 346 in reply to 318

    Re: Suggestion - medication Co-Pays and Insurance life

    (1) We do not have the contacts design complete at this point.  A key area of improvement is for instance sharing providers among multiple PHRs.  This is particularly useful for families who perhaps have multiple children with same pediatrician.  For now, providers are tracked per PHR. 

    (2) Future versions will likely support the 'dropdown' style of interface you're requesting.

    (3) Agreed.  I was just making sure you were aware of the 'other'/ellipsis, for this release

    (4) Thanks for the explanation. 

    (5) In the Home > Basic Information > Insurance page you can enter the life insurance policy (as described in the original response) and in that page there is an 'effective date' field.  If I'm not mistaken this could be used for the 'policy issued date'.  As for the breakdowns and amounts could you elaborate?  Are you talking about which portions of the medical bill are covered by insurance and which amounts are being paid out of pocket?  If so, please note that in the expense detail section you can link attachments, including EOB (explanation of benefits) documents.

    Support Team

  •  06-13-2006, 7:19 AM 354 in reply to 346

    Re: V2.0.2 FDD -Suggestion - medication Co-Pays and Insurance life

    Additional Comments by number:

    (1) not only would this be for children who have the same pediatrician, but for families that have the same practice but different doctors within the pratice.  Also, there is in many pratices, multiple doctors, and the patient can choose to see the one they like or if that docotor doesn't have an opening, then they can see one of the others in the practice. I have had this same instance, one pratice and 6 doctors. So, I enter each doctor and then was able to keep track that way. And my child uses the same pratice, and can be seen by any of the members of the practice as well.

    (5) break downs would be there is an amount for standard death, accidental death, etc. Also, this would be in the same vein with medical insurace that has standards for deductiles per year, per life time - might be to much detail to enter, but when it is needed  - then it is not to much detail to be entered. Since the medical insurance has the deductibles, a report can be provided and / or a calculated field to show on the insurance for the current year that the deductbile has been accumated to a specific date. This might be better to design a EOB entry screen and associated fields to allow the entry of the eob information as many would not know for certain what is applied to the deductible until the EOB has been received. But then the calcuated $$ of the deductible met so far can then be displayed beside and associated with the annual deductible.

    This brings up another point - how does the program especially the expense register handle the annual expenses - as a default the current calendar year is show, but then the previous years can be selected using year the year that has entries such as 2005 or 2004, or by a customized date range that can span across the calendar years.

    *** Davis
  •  06-14-2006, 9:09 PM 368 in reply to 354

    Re: V2.0.2 FDD -Suggestion - medication Co-Pays and Insurance life

    Attachment: expensedateranges.GIF

    With v2.1 HealthFrame will support an extensible, generic reporting mechanism, which should allow some of the reporting you describe in #5.

    In the meantime, please note that the issue of 'annual expenses' and how to handle date ranges is already addressed.  The expense register is customization-enabled (please see ellipsis button on the context bar, towards the top of the form).  When you expand it, you 'll see that you can customize date ranges (including arbitrary ranges).


    Support Team

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