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Database problems

Last post 01-25-2010, 6:55 AM by Records For Living Support. 10 replies.
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  •  01-22-2010, 7:27 PM 1544

    Database problems

    I have been entering data for the last several years and when I really needed it today I found my data on both computers "GONE WILD". No other way to explain the problem except that several hospitalization months apart have the same data as the first hospitalization. Office visits for immunizations have a different provider. I do not know if the problem started when I downloaded the last upgrade or upgraded my system to a new HP Win 7 computer. At any rate we took our disabled son to the consultation with no paper work. Too bad this program failed us. we have the data on 2 computers one is the old VISTA software and it has the same problem. X user of this software.
  •  01-22-2010, 9:30 PM 1545 in reply to 1544

    Re: Database problems

    We're very sorry to hear about the problems you are having with your data.

    We have thousands of users who use HealthFrame, including in Windows 7, and who like you up to now, have never experienced any issues with their data.  Nonetheless, Records for Living recommends that our users make frequent backups (built into File menu), should something like this ever happen.  Do you have earlier backups?  If this started recently,  you might be able to revert back to an older backup which did not exhibit the problem you experienced today.

    In particular, since you share data between multiple computers, we hope that you have stored earlier backups that you may be able to rely on.

    Looking at our community forum records, we noticed an earlier post of yours, which indicates the use of Microsoft's Beta program - HealthVault.  In our response, we identified for you that Microsoft recognized a deficiency in their support of the CCR standard, at the time.  Is it possible that you exported data out of HealthFrame, into other programs such as HealthVault, Google Health, etc, and THEN tried to reimport into HealthFrame?  Other programs may have issues with their support of internal data links and may be responsible for the corruption problems you report.

    Finally, if you would like, we can attempt to help you recover your data if you would like to send a copy of your files to our support team (

    Once again, we're sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you and we would like to help you identify what may have caused this issue so that you can recover your son's valuable health information.

    Support Team
  •  01-23-2010, 10:36 AM 1546 in reply to 1545

    Re: Database problems

    Try this one simple example and advise if you have the same problem.

    Enter a hospital visit for any date. Then add notes.

    Enter another hospital visit at the same hospital for a different date maybe several months apart.

    Go look at the notes for the second hospital visit after you close and reopen the program.

    I would think I could add several visits to the same hospital and have notes for that event only.
  •  01-23-2010, 11:33 AM 1547 in reply to 1546

    Re: Database problems

    Attachment: Hospitalizations.PNG
    Hi, RHR.

    We tried the exact steps you indicated (please see image below), and had no problems.  We will attach the export of the PHR we created so that you can try on your on computer. 

    The type of issue you are running into is likely to occur if you are exchanging HealthFrame data with another program that does not follow information linking conventions.

    Please let us know if we can be of additional help.

    Support Team

  •  01-23-2010, 11:37 AM 1548 in reply to 1547

    Re: Database problems

    Attachment: Test for RHR.HPHR
    Here is the PHR we created to show that HealthFrame can easily support the scenario you described.

    If you want to test this in your machine:
    • Start HealthFrame
    • Create new PHR
    • File/Import the attached PHR
    • Select the replace the current PHR
    Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    Thanks you,
    Support Team
  •  01-23-2010, 4:58 PM 1549 in reply to 1548

    Re: Database problems

    I setup a new PHR and imported your test file. at first it worked fine BUT..then I experienced the same problem. What I found was if you select any where other than the highlited organization it works and all my data is fine. If I select the organization I see data , dates and times from the last vist to the same medical center.
  •  01-23-2010, 9:36 PM 1550 in reply to 1549

    Re: Database problems

    Thank you for trying the sample PHR and for reporting your results.

    Unfortunately, it is not clear what you mean when you say, "If I select the organization I see data, dates and times from the last visit to the same medical center."

    Where are you selecting the organization?  In the Home > Providers > Organizations page?  There is no display of visits in that page...

    Please clarify, perhaps with a screen shot - please use the sample PHR we created.   You can email it to

    Thank you,
    Support Team
  •  01-24-2010, 8:32 AM 1551 in reply to 1550

    Re: Database problems

    I apologize for not reporting this issue clearly. Go to the home page with your test PHR and select visits. You should see visits for the local hospital on different dates. Look at the notes and description for both events when you click over organization. They should NOT be the same. Click anywhere else other than organization on the visit line and you will see the data for that event. Whichever event is updated last is what you will see in the notes and description for both hospitals on different dates and different events. I never noticed this before and the problem we had was this PHR was on a laptop for students to look at not a printout. Depending on where you click on the visits page you will see different data. Maybe it is suppose to be that way but caused us some confusion. Thanks for your help.
  •  01-24-2010, 10:26 AM 1552 in reply to 1551

    Re: Database problems

    Attachment: VisitDetail.PNG
    Thank you for the additional clarifications!  I think we may be getting closer to understanding the issue and we appreciate your patience helping us.

    Please look below at the images we captured while following your instructions.  We think the issue may be that the Organization column contains hyperlinks to the 'Local Hospital' record, while the other columns are not hyperlinks.  Please note that HealthFrame follows browser conventions for hyperlinks, so that when you (single) click on it, you go to that record (new page).  The other columns do not behave that way and you have to double click, bringing you to the visit record.

    In particular, please note that we only created a single hospital (Organization) entry, and maybe you were looking for multiple hospitals?  (You said, "... you will see in the notes and description for both hospitals on different dates and different events.)

    In other words, the sample we created captures multiple hospitalizations to the same hospital (called "Local Hospital").  When you click on the hyperlink, you should see information about the hospital, independently of how many hospitalizations occurred.

    Did we miss something?  If so, we apologize for it.  Sometimes it's hard to understand everything in written form.  If we need to pursue this issue further, we can also set up a web conference meeting with one of our support staff and you can use the sample test PHR to demonstrate any additional sources of confusion.

    Thank you for your patience helping us understand the issue,
    Support Team

  •  01-24-2010, 2:09 PM 1553 in reply to 1552

    Re: Database problems

    Thank you for your response to this issue. I would be glad to send you a live copy of our son's PHR that is reduced to data for only several years. You can look at it paying particular attention to saint peters Medical Center dates 3/14/2009 and 7/8/2009. If you select on any blue line (organization) you will see the hospital information but the reason. pre notes and post visit notes all have the same text. Now I know to only double click on any column other than a blue linked column. It just depends who is look at the file and where they click. Give me an email address and I will send the PHR file. This information is already made public and we have custody of our son and will allow you to look at the reduced file that we deleted information from.
  •  01-25-2010, 6:55 AM 1555 in reply to 1553

    Re: Database problems


    We're glad to know that the interface issue has been clarified.  Thank you for raising your concerns to our attention.

    Please send an email to and we can provide you with suggested instructions on how to securely email us a de-identified PHR.

    We hope we can help further clarify what issues may be taking place.

    Thank you,
    Support Team
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