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Feature Request: Add NEXT and PREVIOUS options to panel with open journal entries; Bug? linking entries to Visits

Last post 05-22-2018, 4:35 PM by dealio. 0 replies.
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  •  05-22-2018, 4:35 PM 1953

    Feature Request: Add NEXT and PREVIOUS options to panel with open journal entries; Bug? linking entries to Visits

    I've created several journals in the applications to track various histories that aren't necessarily an issue and may not be quantifiable. Examples:
    Body Observations -- to capture the odd bump or mark on the skin that I notice from time to time which may or may not become an issue
    Sleep Journal -- to track sleep times
    Headache Journal -- tracking when I have headaches and what type of headache it is as well as what I do to relieve it.
    Exercise Journal -- a place to track my efforts to sustain a viable exercise regimen and the impact that is has on weight, blood pressure and other measures

    When I make a journal entry and perhaps later find that it is related to a medical condition, I link the two to show the relationship for future reference and to help discover any trends.

    The issue: to open a journal and "flip" through the "pages" of it is cumbersome. For example, after opening the exercise journal, to see another journal entry in the same journal, I cannot do it from the open entry; I have to go back to the initial panel that has the list of exercise journal entries, then scroll to find the entry of interest and open it. And now I have 2 panels with journal entries open. While that might be useful sometimes, it would also be useful just to have a "Previous" and "Next" button on the open exercise journal entry that would allow me to "flip" through exercise journal entries without the unnecessary step of returning to the panel with all exercise journal entries listed.

    Another issue with journals. I have successfully opened a journal entry and related it to, say a Dr. Visit. Later, when I open that Visit, in the Relationships section the link to the journal entry appears. When I click the link, the proper journal entry opens. Perfect! But I cannot open a Visit and create a relationship to a specific journal entry in a particular journal from the Relationship section of the Visit panel. I can create a link to the entire journal, but for me this is far less useful.

    So in summary, a bi-directional link between a specific journal entry and a Visit can be created from the journal entry, but not from the Visit. I say "bi-directional" link. To be clear, what I mean is that the link from the Journal entry to the Visit appears as a link in the Relationship section of the journal entry -- the link works to open the visit. Alternatively, if I start by opening the Visit first, in the Relationship section there is a link to the journal entry and it works to open the specific journal entry. Once created, the relationship between the dated journal entry and the visit works no matter which item you open first. Although I have not tested is for Concerns (Tests, Treatments, Activities, Journals, and all the other items), I wonder if this anomaly is true when creating relationships between specific dated journal entries and each of these items as well.

    This seems like a bug. If it's not, I'd request another feature -- allow creating a relationship between specific (dated) journal entries and other items just as you do with other items (e.g. Concerns, Tests, Treatments, Activity, etc.)


    - TIA for your help!
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