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Install new OHS Plug-in for access to Family History web service integration

Last post 02-11-2008, 12:40 PM by Records For Living Support. 0 replies.
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  •  02-11-2008, 12:40 PM 1001

    Install new OHS Plug-in for access to Family History web service integration

    Attachment: History_Plugin.PNG
    We are happy to offer a new OpenHealth Service (OHS) plug-in that allows HealthFrame Explorer and Viewer users to easily access and interact with the U. S. Surgeon General's “My Family Health Portrait” tool.  Please note this functionality is in addition to the built-in support for Family History Summary (Home > Report > Summaries > Family History Summary) that already ships with HealthFrame.

    You can get more information about “My Family Health Portrait” at, where the tool is hosted by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  This post contains a sample illustrative scenario of how HealthFrame users can benefit from the integration with this U. S. Surgeon General's publicly available web service, and is not meant to provide exhaustive documentation or support for the tool.

    Patients will frequently share their family medical history with their physicians, who in turn can use the information to evaluate potential health risks to the patient due to inheritable conditions.  “My Family Health Portrait is an interactive tool that allows patients to:
    • enter family medical history information
    • generate graphical (family tree) and text reports
    • highlight specific conditions for ease of tracing through the family tree
    • generate family history snapshots from the point of view of relatives other than the patient
    • save the entered information for later reference – please note the web site indicates that no patient data is stored in the HHS's web site.

    Using the OHS plug-in (HHS – My Family Health Portrait), HealthFrame users will be able to:
    • upload the family history data that is stored in HealthFrame to the My Family Health Portrait tool – without having to re-enter any information already tracked in HealthFrame
    • save the generated PDF reports (including the graphical representation of the family tree) as an attachment
    • save the web site-generated dataset – especially if you modified information online.

    To install the OHS plug-in, you must have either HealthFrame Explorer or Viewer installed – or any OHS-compliant tool.  Then, simply click on this link in our catalog of OHS Plug-ins.  Once installed, you will be able to use the plug-in by going to Home > Reports > Summaries > HHS – My Family Health Portrait.

    Please look at the images below, to follow these steps:

    1. When you click on the OHS plug-in link, HealthFrame will prompt you to 'Open Report' – please click on that button so that you can access the external web site. 
    2. You may be asked by your browser to “Load my data”. 
    3. Once you're in My Family Health Portrait, click on the “Go To My Family >>” button and select to view reports. 

    You should see something like the family tree image below.  Please note there are a number of features not fully described in this forum (e.g. highlighting specific conditions, etc) and we encourage you to experiment with this newly supported web service.

    We hope you find this new addition to the growing list of OHS plug-ins useful and we welcome your input on new services we can provide.

    Support Team
    Records For Living, Inc.

    PS. To demonstrate the integration, we used the Jose Gonzalez sample personal health record (PHR) that ships with HealthFrame.  Please note that the sample needed to be corrected: Jose's grandparents are marked as 'grandparent' as opposed to indicating whether they are maternal or paternal grandparents.  We will update Jose's PHR for future releases.

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