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Travel drives, medication allergies and safety

Last post 10-08-2007, 9:20 PM by Records For Living Support. 1 replies.
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  •  10-08-2007, 8:08 PM 881

    Travel drives, medication allergies and safety

    I am trying the Health Frame for a 15-day trial period.  There are a few questions I'd like to have answered to help me in the decision to purchase Health Frame or not.
    1.  After building the Personal Health Records for the family, can I put the individual PHRs on separate, individual travel drives?  If so, would I have to do each one as a separate file in Health Frame?  How many individual PHRs can be created?
    2.  Do I have to register with Health Frame, or can I just put my PHR on the travel drive?
    3.  If I have to register with Health Frame, can my PHR be accessed at random by any and everyone through the Web?  Would the records be secure?
    4.  Is there a way to position medication allergies and important procedures that MUST NOT be done in red or yellow and have them pop up as soon as the travel drive is connected to a computer?  E.g. "No vitals whatsoever can be done on the right side of the body" because of Lymphedema.
    Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated.
    4.  How safe is Health Frame?
  •  10-08-2007, 9:20 PM 883 in reply to 881

    Re: Travel drives, medication allergies and safety

    Thank you for your interest in HealthFrame!

    1. HealthFrame supports a household PHR database of up to twelve different PHRs.  You do not need to create 'separate files'.  Simply use the interface to create new "PHRs" and the information will be tracked separately in the database.  You can export information from each of the distinct PHRs and sync the information in travel drives, if you'd like.

    2. Registering HealthFrame is an activity that helps us better support our customer needs, for instance enabling us to recover lost passwords.  Registering is not a required activity for using HealthFrame and does not prevent you from putting your PHR on your travel drive.  To be clear, 'putting your PHR' on your travel drive could mean a number of different things: (1) (encrypted) HealthFrame backup file; (2) ASTM CCR (Continuity of Care Record) XML-based record; (3) PDF files containing health reports; (4) any subset of your PHR that you chose to export to the travel drive.

    3. Your PHR is by default stored in your computer's hard disk.  You control who and how you choose to share access to your PHR.   By default, no one from the web has access to your PHR.

    4. There is no user interface in HealthFrame that highlights allergies in 'red or yellow' upon connecting the travel drive.  Allergies are part of the emergency card that HealthFrame generates and can be loaded into the travel drive.  In addition, any information that is useful in the context of emergencies, such as the example you provided with Lymphedema can also be added to the emergency card.

    5. HealthFrame encrypts and supports password protection of all its databases and backup files.  Users have complete control of the content as well as recipient of access to their PHR information, when they use HealthFrame.

    We hope these answers are helpful.  Please let us know if we can be of further assistance,
    Support Team
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