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Re: Resizing suggestions

  •  05-03-2007, 9:01 PM

    Re: Resizing suggestions

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    Dear Terry,

    We're happy to hear that you've found HealthFrame useful.

    We agree that having resizable columns in the summary list might be handy, but we wanted to make sure that you aware that for printing purposes you probably want to use the Medication Summary report.  Please note that at the bottom of the medication list page there is a link you can click that will take you directly to the medications report.  (See image below with both the medications list and the medications report).

    As for the emergency card, its purpose was to be small enough that it could be printed as a card and carried in your wallet...  If you have multiple medications and they don't fit the card dimensions, you may again consider using the medication report and carry it with you.  Do you think there is some other format that might be useful?

    One of the emergency card features that we are not sure many folks are aware of is the ability that users have to add ANY information they want to their emergency card.  If there is any information you think you'd like to add, please go to the emergency card report, click on the configuration button - the ellipsis (...) on the top bar - and then click on the 'More information...' menu item.

    Thanks for the suggestions!
    Support Team

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