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Re: Insurance EOBs and Doctor Payments

  •  04-22-2007, 10:45 PM

    Re: Insurance EOBs and Doctor Payments

    Dear Esther,

    Thanks again for your thoughtful description of how we can continue to improve HealthFrame and make it more beneficial to our users.

    It is indeed our hope that future releases will continue to improve on our ability to support recording, tracking and reporting medical expense management.

    Though not all of your suggestions are currently supported in HealthFrame, I believe there may be some specific features that you may find helpful.

    Matching EOBs with doctors visits

    One way to do this is to use HealthFrame's support for attachments.  For instance, say you enter a record for a medical visit.  A few weeks later you receive your EOB from your insurance company.  Scan that EOB.  Add "Related Information" to the visit - as either a File Attachment or a link - please see the buitl-in help files for more details.

    This will help you match the EOB to the visit or any other relevant information such as treatment, medication, etc.

    Multiple Expense records per visit

    You can add multiple expense annotations per visit.  This way you could track the "allowed" amount, any co-pays you made, remaining co-insurance and then your 'final' payment - when you make it.  (Please remember that 'credits' on your behalf, should be marked as negative numbers, e.g. if your insuranced paid $20.00, enter the value as -20.00).

    Expense Transaction Report

    The expense transaction report will add up the numbers (including properly handling the negative values).  For a visit that has been completely paid, the remaining balance should be zero.

    We understand this is not as intuititive as it could be and we have forwarded your comments to our development team.  Please let us know if any of the suggestions above aren't clear.

    Support Team

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