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Relationships broken during export/import in Healthframe format

  •  06-09-2018, 1:17 PM

    Relationships broken during export/import in Healthframe format

    Beyond the relationship between contacts and contact types being broken during migration from one machine to another, I've just discovered that all Relationships were wiped, too. The data is still there - Tests, Concerns, Treatments, etc.- but the relationships linking the data are gone, except for Vital Statistics on the Visit records, themselves. Grateful the data wasn't lost, but a tremendous amount of work to re-create the relationships.

    Since Novemeber 2017, I've dealt with multiple hospitalizations, over 120 outpatient visits to multiple organizations and over 15 doctors. Healthframe has been invaluable in pulling that information together. While I do not regret purchasing the product, given Records For Living's aspirations for the product, the lack of response on the support forum to reported issues and suggestions for enhancements, and the problems that have emerged, are discouraging.

    Healthframe has a lot of potential and fills a much-needed gap in PHR products. It is among the only PHR products that doesn't rely on Internet-based storage while offering the option. That said, the product needs a development team actively interested in the product and engaged with its users. There are many excellent features in this product, and response to the one email I sent to support was immediate, however the unexplained delay in release of an announced interim release (v3.0.2) with another theoretically already in the works (v3.0.3), and the complete lack of engagement in the support forum and the Facebook account, suggest to potential customers, existing customers, and the public, that the product is moribund.

    - Tom
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