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Re: Not Sure if HealthFrame will do / is designed to do what I'd like

  •  01-02-2014, 3:26 PM

    Re: Not Sure if HealthFrame will do / is designed to do what I'd like

    HealthFrame v2 has only modest support for tracking expenses (though many customers do use this feature successfully and swear by it).

    This support is modestly improved for the upcoming HealthFrame v3, but I fear even that may not be sufficient to meet your expectations.

    We have written up a designed set of medical financing features to be incorporated into a new version of HeatlhFrame (post v3) - and this has already been fully implemented in the HealthFrame v3 data model, but the support GUI has not been scheduled (and given other priorities - like tablet versions, web hosted data etc) - I'm not sure when we will get to significant improvements to the finance tracking.

    Still - this is clearly an important feature / use case - and we will take your suggestions into account. Perhaps in the next year or two we may have what you want. I encourage you to try HealthFrame, and if you make specific, narrow suggestions, we may be able to get these to you sooner. But a full featured mechanism to reconcile EOBs etc - and manage FSA accounts and so on - is at least a couple years away.

    Also - what is an IPT code? I'm familiar with ICD9/ICD10/CPT for medical billing, but not IPT?

    Recordss For Living Support Team.
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