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Re: Medication list.

  •  03-15-2013, 10:24 PM

    Re: Medication list.

    Attachment: amox-screenshot.png
    We have taken many steps called for in this request for HealthFrame v3.

    The attached screenshot should show some.

    HeatlhFrame v3 medicaiton summary report supports customization.

    By selecting the details choice "Daily Summary" - you get the report pictured.

    We could not see how to compute the summaries you requested in the general case (because it wasn't obvious in the general case how what unit to summarize over), but I think implicit in what you said was typically a daily summary.

    If the frequency selected is some multiple of daily, we perform the summary you requested.

    Also - at least for this report - we use spelled out names, instead of abbreviations (still considering how to parameterize when to use abbreviations for SIG - maybe just never?).

    We HAVE implemented the mechanism you requested for creating named customizations. But for now - we've only exposed that in the 'custom graph' pages.

    The reason is that - I think - it will be simpler for users to understand the concept of 'healthframe defaults' and 'my defaults' - and having to keep track of multiple named customizaitons is more cognitive overhead. We're testing this - and can easily switch depending on feedback.

    If you wish to try this before the HealthFrame v3 release, please contact us at for information about beta testing.
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