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Re: Medication list.

  •  07-02-2012, 10:24 PM

    Re: Medication list.

    This thread makes several points.

    First, let me say that the next beta release of HealthFrame v3 contains a totally revamped medication summary report, which allows for a great deal of additional customization. I cannot be sure if it is enough, or the 'right' customization, but we'll see what sort of beta feedback we get.

    As for the suggestion of automatically combining information about dosage times strength to provide a total strength per day, this seems potentially more risky than rewarding. Perhaps I missed the particular concerns you had in mind. HealthFrame attempts to record the SAME instructions the doctor gives to the patient. If the patient is expected to understand the instructions, and interpret them correctly, I would hope the medical staff could do at least as well.

    And if HealthFrame were to automate COMBING those values - I could easily imagine cases where that CREATED confusion. For example, if HealthFrame multiplied the strength by the dosage, and presented a number, and then the nurse orally ASKED the patient how many pills they took per day, that could easily result in the WRONG conclusion being drawn.

    Please clarify the strategy you are advocating for combining strength and dosage numbers, and why you think that will not be confusing.
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