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2 posts disappear from the forum - #1794, #1795

Last post 02-18-2017, 7:56 PM by Records For Living Support. 1 replies.
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  •  02-18-2017, 4:44 PM 1914

    2 posts disappear from the forum - #1794, #1795

    Today I was updating records in HealthFrame and triggered the conditions that create one of the issues I wrote a post about not long ago, regarding the organization/sorting of relationships. I came to this forum to update the post because I found (one set of) the conditions that demonstrate the problem. I couldn't find my post to update it. I searched my browser history for the past 7 days and found the posts, so I know that I visited them within the last week. They are

    Feature suggestion: List visits (relationships) in sorted order; provide a method for sorting all types of relationships

    Feature suggestion - When adding a visit, list of providers is overwhelming, not organized

    Copying the URLs above into the browser produced an error message that said:

    Not Found: Forum Not Found

    The forum you requested does not exist.

     But I could find 1793 and 1796 just using the URL above, replacing the post number. Not sure what happened to the threads. I tried two different machines, same result. Hope they're not lost - I put a lot of thought into organizing those posts to make them clear and helpful.

    The conditions to trigger the confusing list of visits occurred when I was on a Conditions panel and attempted to relate the condition to a visit that I hadn't created yet. So I clicked the Create New button and the Add Information Link dialog appeared. I set the Link To drop-down to Visit and the list appeared but seemed to be unorganized at first glance. But it's not. It is apparently sorted by descending date and the list includes both individuals and organizations; the individuals are sorted by last name, and the organizations are sorted by first name. I think this is what threw me - both organizations and individuals in the list and the different sorting methods, as I am only scanning the long list for who I want, not reading it. I think it might help make the existing organization of the list clearer and easier to use if the date were placed first on the line ahead of the name -- using zero padding for single-digit days and months, the date would always take the space of 10 characters, and even with a proportional font, the date would be consistently the same width. Follow the date with the individuals sorted in a group above (or below) the organizations sorted in a group.
    For example:

    02/07/2017 - Mrs Lucy Larsen, R.N.
    02/05/2017 - Dr. Abel Cimano, M.D.
    01/01/2017 - Mrs. Lucy Larsen, R.N.
    01/01/2017 - Dr. John Smith, D.O.
    01/01/2017 - Dr. Susan Zapato, Ph.D.
    02/07/2017 - Rite-aid Pharmacy
    01/05/2017 - CVS Pharmacy
    01/02/2017 - Periodontics Unlimited
    01/02/2017 - Rehabilitation Clinic

    and perhaps better would be this:

    02/07/2017 - Larsen, Lucy, Mrs., R.N.
    02/05/2017 - Cimano, Abel, Dr., M.D.
    01/01/2017 - Larsen, Lucy, Mrs., R.N.
    01/01/2017 - Smith, John, Dr., D.O.
    01/01/2017 - Zapato, Susan, Dr., Ph.D.
    02/07/2017 - Rite-aid Pharmacy
    01/02/2017 - Periodontics Unlimited
    01/02/2017 - Rehabilitation Clinic

    Currently, the example list above would look like this in the dialog box:

    Mrs. Lucy Larsen (2/7/2017)
    Rite-aid Pharmacy (2/7/2017)
    Dr. Abel Cimano, M.D. (2/5/2017)
    Periodontics Unlimited (1/2/2017)
    Rehabilitation Clinic (1/2/2017)
    Mrs. Lucy Larsen (1/1/2017)
    Dr. John Smith, M.D. (1/1/2017)
    Dr. Susan Zapato, Ph.D. (1/1/2017)

    - TIA for your help!
  •  02-18-2017, 7:56 PM 1915 in reply to 1914

    Re: 2 posts disappear from the forum - #1794, #1795

    First - about the posts disappearing - we had a couple attacks from spammers who dumped a bunch of junk into the forum. When cleaning it up - I must have accidentally removed a few posts I didnt mean to. Sorry - I've put those you referenced back.

    I'll try and get to the rest of your question tomorrow.
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