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Some quick questions - v3.0.1

Last post 06-27-2016, 12:16 PM by Records For Living Support. 3 replies.
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  •  06-22-2016, 5:14 PM 1776

    Some quick questions - v3.0.1

    1. On a visit to my doctor for a new "concern", he may order one or more items, like a blood test (CMP or CBC or FT4, etc.), a consultation with another doctor or an MRI or CT scan. Where is the best place to track what he ORDERED? It can't be tracked in Treatments because Treatments doesn't include CMP, CBC and other items the doctor might order. It's clear where to track the RESULTS of what he ordered, for example Tests would track test results and Visits would track consultations with other doctors. This is important to reconcile what the doctor ordered with what actually happened, since sometimes much time passes between the order and the actual event.
    2. When will the application have a complete, functioning and updated help system?

    - TIA for your help!
  •  06-22-2016, 5:18 PM 1777 in reply to 1776

    Re: Some quick questions - v3.0.1 - one more

    The question is basically what is the use model for the application that maximizes the functionality you built into it. I've made a guess below. And one thought was that for anything in the hierarchy of a concern, I should not have to place hyperlinks as I do now - if the app did this automatically, it would make flow much simpler and data entry quicker.

    Is this the intended model for how to maximize the potential of the functionality within the application?
    Activity is in brackets because you may not be able to relate every condition to an activity that caused or preceded it. Same is true for Treatment.
    -----• [Activity]
    ----------○ Condition
    ---------------§ Visit (consult)
    --------------------□ Medication
    --------------------□ Test
    --------------------□ Insurance
    --------------------□ Expense
    --------------------□ Journal Note (transcribed test results and/or visit notes)
    --------------------□ Activity
    --------------------□ Visit (consult with another physician)
    ---------------§ Communication
    --------------------□ Expenses
    --------------------□ Test results
    --------------------□ Payments
    ---------------§ Insurance
    ---------------§ [Treatment?]
    --------------------□ Visit (f/u)
    -------------------------® Test
    -------------------------® Journal Note (for ex. transcribed test results and/or visit notes)
    -------------------------® Medication
    -------------------------® Activity
    -------------------------® Visit (consult)
    --------------------□ Medication
    ---------------§ Condition Journal
    Journal - diet,
    Journal - exercise,
    Journal - sleep,
    Journal - transcribed test results,
    Journal - transcribed visit notes)
    - TIA for your help!
  •  06-27-2016, 12:11 PM 1782 in reply to 1776

    Re: Some quick questions - v3.0.1

    Attachment: screenshot.png
    #1 In the HeatlhFrame data model, we call things with measurement results a 'test' - and things done purely for the therapeutic impact a treatment. I realize the world isn't so black and white, but its still helpful in organizing information to draw lines.

    So - this would be a TEST in HealthFrame parlance, not a Treatment.

    And you can create the "Test" record without entering any of the results, and add the results later. There is one 'object' - the Test. And you fill in the 'ordered' part when you know that - and you fill in the 'results' part when you know that.

    Make sense?

    #2 - I plan to have more respectable help in the coming month or two because people have complained. I personally don't view it as that important, but I listen, and can be swayed by user feedback. I only have so much time to work on this and must pick priorities. Time I send writing documentation is time I'm not spending on other aspects of the product.

    Again - customer feedback may change this - but I expect improved online help support in the coming months but probably NEVER complete online help support.

    Please also note - the product has (IMHO) pretty good BUILTIN help support. We just use the online support as an augmentation of that builtin support. You can search through the product for pages, and there is hover text on most things, and most pages have a pre-set help panel that gives you an overview of that page.

    So its NOT like there isnt (good) help. Its just the 'online' part of the help which is trash.

    (see attached image for example built in help)
  •  06-27-2016, 12:16 PM 1783 in reply to 1777

    Re: Some quick questions - v3.0.1 - one more

    I'm afraid I don't understand this *what is the use model for the application that maximizes the functionality you built into it.) question. Perhaps the answer to your question, is that I've focused more on a logical, object centered decomposition of the health/medical information a person would want to track, and less on 'use cases'.

    That is not to minimize the value of use cases (which maybe your focus?). It's just to say that different people thing about things differently, and HealthFrame's organization reflects how I think about this information.

    I do try to 'overlay' common use cases onto this data model, so that these use cases are optimized (though that hasnt been done as much as I would like).

    Please let us know more about what you are thinking here...
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