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HealthFrame 3?

Last post 10-01-2014, 9:54 AM by Robert. 9 replies.
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  •  04-16-2011, 10:05 AM 1628

    HealthFrame 3?

    I've seen references made to HealthFrame 3. Please tell us about that! Features, schedule?
  •  04-16-2011, 11:04 AM 1629 in reply to 1628

    Re: HealthFrame 3?

    We don't have a specific schedule for release, and we aren't yet sure exactly what features will be released with HealthFrame v3.

    Some of the 'v3 features' won't be available immediately, but in the year or so after initial launch.

    But roughly, you should see
    > Greatly improved searchability
    > Ability to connect to remote and variously located medical record sources
    > Better contact management (people/companies)
    > A wide variety of data modeling improvements (expenses, conditions/problems, medications/fullfillments)
    > Synchronizaiton (automated backup and merge with remote sources)
    > More general annotations of records
    > Plan of Care support
    > Various new user-interface elements
    ... and much more

    Much of the above is done, and ready to go (and in beta testing). We are still undecided how to break things up and release them in a sensible fashion. Hopefully by this summer, some subset of the above will be released for general use.

    If you are interested in beta testing - please send email to For now - please only computer-savvy users, as the v3 beta is NOT sufficiently polished for general use.
  •  10-24-2011, 2:46 AM 1633 in reply to 1629

    Re: HealthFrame 3?

    It's been six months since this last post regarding the release of the next HealthFrame version. Is there any new information as to a projected release date?
  •  10-25-2011, 1:56 PM 1634 in reply to 1633

    Re: HealthFrame 3?

    Sorry that things have gone slower than we intended, expected, and hoped.

    We've lately been diverted a bit by work on our HIE (Health Information Exchange) server product - HealthFrameWorks - but are now back working full time on HealthFrame v3. We are about ready for another wider beta (with the new 'contacts' UI) - and depending on our feedback on that beta - we will be in a better position to judge how close v3 is to shipping.

    We really had too much planned for all in one release - and are looking for ways to release the parts that are stable and ready to go - and release later the 'in progress' pieces.

  •  03-02-2012, 2:26 AM 1647 in reply to 1629

    Re: HealthFrame 3?

    When might we expect the v3? The last post was in April 2011 and said it was expected in the fall. It is now March 2012. When is the projected release?
  •  03-02-2012, 11:36 AM 1648 in reply to 1628

    Re: HealthFrame 3?

    I think the first post in this thread was from April, and the last post (before yours today) was in late October.

    We've have about 75% of whats described in the April post ready to go, and in beta testing. We still have one crucial feature (synchronization) to finish before we have something we can release. And we have several other new experimental UI elements we gaining feedback on through the beta process. We want to make sure we get these things right before we release it.

    I'm sorry things are taking longer than we expected. I assure you that we want this to ship at least as much as you ;-). We've already deferred major pieces until HealthFrame 3.1 to accelerate the schedule. Maybe one or two more things can be deferred.

    If you are more curious about progress - send an email note to, and we can add you to the beta test list, and you can review our progress. That won't get you what you want any sooner, but it may make you feel better about waiting (seeing our progress).
  •  10-11-2013, 10:37 AM 1706 in reply to 1648

    Re: HealthFrame 3?

    Another year and a half gone. Is this topic to be taken seriously at all?
  •  11-11-2013, 10:19 AM 1707 in reply to 1648

    Re: HealthFrame 3?

    I have to agree with NatureDude's worry. HealthFrame has been a very stable database for a long time. But I am concerned about the appearance that there is not sufficient attention to the update/upkeep or modernization of the software. Impressively stable so far, but my experience tells me that software cannot succeed this long without developer attention. Lots has happened over the years, especially in terms of software portability.

    Is there really work happening on the HealthFrame software? What about mobile apps? What about data import/export? Surely there has to be some news? What's up? Even if the Beta tests are not going well, knowing what IS happening might be a little comfort.
  •  11-11-2013, 9:08 PM 1708 in reply to 1707

    Re: HealthFrame 3?

    I feel like Obama ;-) Sorry.... ;-)

    More seriously - I have a hard time with feature creep! Most of the feedback we've gotten through the beta process has been 'this is great but could you also make it do xxxx'. I have a hard time saying no to so many good ideas.

    OK - alot of other feedback has been like yours - why is this taking so long. See earlier comments...

    We're almost done adding support for 'shared contacts'. I will try very hard to make that the last major feature (but have to get that feature working well enough that people are happy with it).

    We should have our final beta within the next few weeks (so maybe be pessimistic and double that?).

    We are trying very hard to get v3 ready, but we must make sure its existing new features are complete and coherent. I hope you find it was worth the wait.
  •  10-01-2014, 9:54 AM 1720 in reply to 1708

    Re: HealthFrame 3?

    May we have a current update on the release of HealthFrame version 3?
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