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Not Sure if HealthFrame will do / is designed to do what I'd like

Last post 01-05-2014, 9:35 PM by Records For Living Support. 4 replies.
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  •  12-31-2013, 3:05 PM 1709

    Not Sure if HealthFrame will do / is designed to do what I'd like

    First, hello, I'm new to the forum, and I'm new to the product.   I'm in the process of evaluating for myself the various products out there for managing medical stuff as I am hoping to make myself a refugee from the long-lasted but unsupported Quicken Medical Expense Manager (QMEM)

    Since I've been using QMEM exclusive for managing and tracking medical expenses, that's really all I'm looking for in a replacement ... I'm not all that much interested in the health records and other things that HealthFrame provides ... but I might get interested in that later.

    So specifics, that I don't see so far.

    1) I don't always get an encounter sheet from my provider(s), and hospitals/ERs/clinics are notoriously bad for that.  So frequently my first indication of the specifics of any claim are when I receive the EOB.   Is there a way in HF to input EOB information w/o having an associated encounter sheet?

    2) for those times when I do have an encounter sheet, I would enter the information from that into the program, usually with a current status of pending insurance.   I don't see how HF handles that ... there's nothing I can see in the basic "Visit" record for entering this sort of thing

    3) I try to compare the procedures (IPT codes) that the provider sends to the insurer against the procedures that the insurer pays for.  Ideally there would be a one-for-one relationship ... doesn't always happen.      I don't see a way to enter multiple line items for one encounter... is that something that I'm just not seeing, or that not part of HF's design?

    I know I can/could put together a spreadsheet for this stuff but I'm too lazy (seriously), and it would be worth the $$ for me if there were something that were off the shelf.

    Thanks in advance, and really a very good looking product

    Phil Z
  •  01-02-2014, 3:26 PM 1710 in reply to 1709

    Re: Not Sure if HealthFrame will do / is designed to do what I'd like

    HealthFrame v2 has only modest support for tracking expenses (though many customers do use this feature successfully and swear by it).

    This support is modestly improved for the upcoming HealthFrame v3, but I fear even that may not be sufficient to meet your expectations.

    We have written up a designed set of medical financing features to be incorporated into a new version of HeatlhFrame (post v3) - and this has already been fully implemented in the HealthFrame v3 data model, but the support GUI has not been scheduled (and given other priorities - like tablet versions, web hosted data etc) - I'm not sure when we will get to significant improvements to the finance tracking.

    Still - this is clearly an important feature / use case - and we will take your suggestions into account. Perhaps in the next year or two we may have what you want. I encourage you to try HealthFrame, and if you make specific, narrow suggestions, we may be able to get these to you sooner. But a full featured mechanism to reconcile EOBs etc - and manage FSA accounts and so on - is at least a couple years away.

    Also - what is an IPT code? I'm familiar with ICD9/ICD10/CPT for medical billing, but not IPT?

    Recordss For Living Support Team.
  •  01-02-2014, 3:28 PM 1711 in reply to 1710

    Re: Not Sure if HealthFrame will do / is designed to do what I'd like

    BTW - I should have mentioned - you CAN create expense records in HealthFrame - even v2 - and attached files (e.g. scanned versions of the EOBs).

    You just then have limited reporting/analysis/interpretation capabilities from there.
  •  01-03-2014, 10:02 PM 1712 in reply to 1711

    Re: Not Sure if HealthFrame will do / is designed to do what I'd like

    Sorry 'bout that ... IPT is what my befuddled brain sometimes call CPT.  

    I can appreciate the difficulties you're facing trying to get so many different platforms covered, plus the whole medical industry changing day to day  ... not surprised that it'll take a while to get where I'm interested in going

    You say that you can create expense records in HealthFrame V2 ... even though there is limited capability ... any chance you could point me to a step-by-step tutorial on that ... I couldn't figure out how to get there on my own.

    Thanks *very* much for the response!


  •  01-05-2014, 9:35 PM 1713 in reply to 1712

    Re: Not Sure if HealthFrame will do / is designed to do what I'd like

    In HealthFrame v2, the simplest way is to go to Reports > Expenses > Expense Register, and click the "Add New" button.

    Then you can create a bunch of expenses and see them summarized in Reports > Expenses > Transaction Report.

    Plus, most other objects you track (e.g. medications) have 'shortcuts' to add related expenses.

    Also - you may want to load the 'Susan Taylor' sample PHR that comes with HealthFrame. It has some sample expenses you you can see the expense report without entering any data.

    Hope that's enough to get you started!
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