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Question about measurements

Last post 06-22-2008, 9:57 AM by Records For Living Support. 2 replies.
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  •  07-03-2006, 11:49 PM 402

    Question about measurements

    I hve a question in regards to using measurements.  Currently I am tracking therapy and ongoing treatment for a number of patients with mental illness.   What I am hoping to do is to find a  way to track daily moods, including such ustom  measurements as level of depression, anxiety anger, etc. with a numerical scale which could then be graphed using the custom reports.  Currently I cannot find any such measurements readily available in the listing, so my question is, can a new "testing template" be created by the user with the measurement criteria already there that can be tracked and graphed? What I am hoping to do is to add my own measurement to the list of those already available so that there is no need to re enter data each day for the observation, simply enter the numerical values and the date.

    Thank you,

  •  07-05-2006, 11:36 AM 403 in reply to 402

    Re: Question about measurements

    As you are undoubtedly aware, HealthFrame comes built-in with a number of standard test panels ("templates") that group together the more commonly used tests (e.g. blood lipids).  Each of these panels groups together a number of measurements (e.g. LDL, HDL, etc).  HealthFrame users can track their results by simply reusing the predefined test panels and entering measurement values - without having to specify custom measurement types.

    Additionally, for numeric measurement values, it is possible for users to create charts that display their results (either using built-in graphs or the custom graph - which support overlaying multiple measurements).

    HealthFrame also supports tracking custom measurements and in effect allows users to create their own panels.

    This bring us to your question/suggestion.

    Currently, HealthFrame does not support a mechanism for saving user-defined test panels, but this is a feature that we are planning on supporting in future releases.  With our recent release of HealthFrame 2.0 we have begun implementation of a number of customization/personalization features that we expect to continue to enhance with future releases.  Our initial focus with customization has been primarily in the area of reporting and data display, but we have a number of other user-controlled capabilities that include templating panels, choice list values, etc.  Once this feature is in place, users will be able to define their own grouping of measurements and reuse their panel template, as they would with the ones  that are built-in.

    Additionally, if you can point us to standardized panels, we can also include them in future releases of HealthFrame.  For instance, we could consider something like the MSAS-PSYCH (Psychological Symptom Subscale score - Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale).  Please let us know if you are aware of one or more such panels that we should include by default.

    Support Team

  •  06-22-2008, 9:57 AM 1163 in reply to 403

    Re: Question about measurements

    Attachment: CopyTests.PNG
    With HealthFrame v. 2.1.7 you are able to more easily track your health-related metrics, including those that are not built-in.  Simply enter the panel (measurements) information you wish to track as part of a test.  From then on, you can copy and paste the test, and modify the data for the new measurements.

    The image below illustrates an example of a patient suffering from fibromyalgia who is tracking her pain levels throughout the day.

    Support Team

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